In Prague, people demonstrate against the government, filling part of Wenceslas Square

In Prague, people demonstrate against the government, filling part of Wenceslas Square
In Prague, people demonstrate against the government, filling part of Wenceslas Square

The organizers expect that tens of thousands of protesters could gather in the square. Some of those who had already arrived brought with them drums and banners with inscriptions such as Water boils for every pig. They have slogans against the EU, NATO, Prime Minister Petar Fial (ODS), the Green Deal for Europe and the government’s rejection of Russia. There is a large-screen screen and sound system, the singer Pepa Nos shortened the waiting time for the speakers with the song No Fears. The police are diverting traffic from the upper part of the square, the highway is open. Behind her on the steps of the National Museum are several dozen opponents of the demonstration with a large NATO and EU flag.

“The goal of our demonstration is the necessity of change, mainly in solving the issues of energy prices, especially electricity and gas, which will cause the destruction of our economy already this fall. We called on Mr. (Prime Minister Petr) Fiala (ODS) to negotiate with us, but unfortunately, we have no answer. So we will continue to push for this government to end. We will demand its resignation,” event co-organizer Jiří Havel told ČTK.

Organizers of the demonstration said earlier this week that they want the current government gone, the effects of the energy crisis mitigated and the damage repaired. They demand freeing the domestic industry from dependence on foreign companies, as well as military neutrality and ensuring direct contracts with gas suppliers at low prices, especially with Russia. According to them, the Czech Republic needs to change the system of distribution and payments for electricity so that it does not pay intermediaries on the stock exchange.

Former president of the Agrarian Chamber Zdeněk Jandejsek or energy expert Vladimír Štěpán should speak at today’s event. According to the website of the event, SPD deputy Jiří Kobza, chairwoman of the Trikolora movement Zuzana Majerová and communist candidate for president Josef Skála are also scheduled to speak.

The police prepared standard security measures in connection with the demonstration, Prague police spokesman Jan Daněk told ČTK. Hundreds of police officers are monitoring the protest, as well as other events taking place today. The participants of the tenth annual Prague Harley Days also came to Prague, which includes the ride of hundreds of motorcycles through the center of the metropolis.

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