Warming: Czechs can wait in fertile semi-desert areas

An ice age is usually preceded by a sharp warming that starts a glacier. Apart from the Anthropocene, there are forces at work over which man has no control. Perhaps something like this is happening right now, as we have been anticipating the arrival of an ice age for a long time. Maybe.

Weird hockey stick

In its Fifth Report (2013), the UN climate panel had to admit that in the years 1998-2012 the trend of temperature growth was around zero, despite a strong increase in CO2 emissions. The course of the curve of the so-called ice hockey graph (a sharp increase in the last 70 years) was disturbed by this. The authors stated that climate models did not actually expect such a pause in warming.

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“We analyzed how often such a fifteen-year stagnation of global warming appears in the simulations. The answer is: less than two percent. In other words, over 98 percent of forecasts show that temperatures should rise with such high CO2 emissions. “There are two possible explanations. The first possibility is that it is warming less than expected because greenhouse gases are having less of an impact. A second possibility is that the simulations underestimated how much the climate fluctuates due to natural causes.

The hockey puck is the result of selective data selection, according to a US Congressional investigation. The method used generates hockey sticks even from noise. “The correlation of CO2 with rising temperatures is clear, but the same correlation exists between rising emissions and the rising cost of postage stamps. We certainly wouldn’t call it causality,” says popular Czech climate skeptic Professor Pokorný.

And what about getting used to the warming?

It is not necessary to react to warming only with panic. It is accompanied by a number of positive effects – the world will be greener, for example. The more CO2 in the atmosphere, the more nutrients for the plants, the longer they can have their stomata closed, the less the plants lose water. A warmer world is wetter, has a more efficient transport of water from the ocean to the continent. Now we had a dry period in Europe, but a wet period is coming, the underground water reserves will be replenished.

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This is a cycle “overloaded” via Rossby waves, the jet stream (currents of air that circle the North Pole at high speed). Its ripples will shift to the west, it will “carry” water from the Atlantic to us. The British, Scandinavians and Canadians in particular can enjoy the warming quite a bit: their crops and animal diversity will increase, and they will enjoy a longer summer. Czechs can wait in fertile semi-desert areas, but they will survive by fertilizing non-agricultural areas.

Graduated geoengineers

This is a small, so far poorly funded group of obsessed individuals trying to come up with a patent to sweep the global warming problem off the table once and for all. So far, for example, they have invented “direct air capture”, i.e. a “carbon trap” – a filter unit about the size of an apartment building. It absorbs CO2, dissolves it in water and pumps it under high pressure to a depth of two kilometers in the earth, where it is stored and becomes basalt (a slag-like substance dotted with white spots, which is fossilized CO2).

The Canadian company Carbon Engineering can so far do it at a price of around $100 per ton of CO2, so “capturing” the planet’s annual emissions would cost $4 trillion at current prices, which is a lot, but it’s still only one annual US budget. In order to neutralize the greenhouse effect, it would be enough to “capture” only about two percent of the solar radiation and let it simply bounce back.

This is done with the help of aerosols, which can also be produced artificially. Similarly, it would be quite cheap to spray sulfur into the troposphere – it wouldn’t take much to reflect two percent of the rays. In addition, we are just before big discoveries – hydrogen fusion, tokamaks, small nuclear reactors and other “gates”. Everything is mainly a matter of money.

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