The zero house was supposed to connect technology and natural elements. It turned out great

Combine modern technology, environmental thinking and very steep rocky terrain. This was a challenge for the architects to fulfill the wishes of an investor from Prague’s Zbraslav. It was successful, and therefore there was no doubt that the building could be entered in the Czech Architecture Prize 2022 competition.

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The garden provides plenty of greenery.

| Photo: courtesy of Petr Polák and the Czech Architecture Prize 2022

“The whole house is designed as a smart house, meaning that it learns on its own. And also as a passive house with a zero balance of energy consumption, the so-called zero house,” said Lukáš Pejsar from the architectural studio 3AE, which the investor hired.

A zero or negative carbon footprint during construction was also thought of, which is why construction materials were primarily selected from renewable sources.

The house does not have a heart of stone, but of wood.The house does not have a heart of stone, but of wood.Source: with the permission of Petr Polák and the Czech Architecture Prize 2022

The massive wooden CLT panel Novatop is used the most, combined with wooden elements of the heavy skeleton. Wooden walls are load-bearing and at the same time attractive in the interior.

The kitchen has everything a regular diner and cook needs.

The extremely narrow apartment is both a loft and a cottage. There is also the Hussite spirit

The building is two-storey, available 5+kk with three terraces and several cascades in the field. The main highlight is the living room, open through two glass walls to the surrounding greenery.

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