“Buy those reservoirs, we advised the government. They fired us!” Novesky fired up the demonstrators: Thieves, thieves!

Economics expert Ivan Noveský also spoke at the demonstration in Prague. And he spared no harsh words. He also mentioned Václav Havel and stated that 32 years after the Velvet Revolution, the Czech Republic is dying.

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Ivan Noveský, an energy expert, appeared at the demonstration in Prague immediately as the second speaker.

“Good afternoon, dear fellow citizens. We managed to change, unfortunately negatively. In 1989, we were a gas powerhouse. We were also an energy powerhouse. We were completely self-sufficient. 32 years ago Václav Havel said ‘our country is not flourishing’ and we have to say after 32 years that our country is dying. Energy is the lifeblood of industry. Without energy, this republic will die. And that’s why we’re here today, because we think this has to change? called Noveský into the microphone.

The crowd started chanting “resignation, resignation, resignation” and Noveský joined in.

Immediately afterwards, he emphasized that the Czechia produces enough of its own electricity and does not need to rely on electricity from the Leipzig Stock Exchange. “It’s absolute nonsense,” Noveský thundered.

“There are some rumors about that exchange here. If someone produces electricity for 25 pennies and then sells it for 20 kroner, it is nothing more than a thief,” added Noveský.

He declared that he recommended both the government of Andrej Babiš (ANO) and the government of Petr Fiala to buy German gas storage tanks located on Czech territory into Czech hands. He also recommended buying gas directly. “But they kicked us out,” Noveský fumed.

“Thieves, thieves, thieves,” the protesters replied.

Noveský requested that electricity be sold for 4 crowns per kilowatt-hour and natural gas for 15 crowns per cubic meter. “Let’s fight for the Czech Republic not to die, let it flourish. Without energy, we are dead,” he once again warned all the protesters.

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