LIVE: 70,000 anti-government protesters came to Wenceslas Square

LIVE: 70,000 anti-government protesters came to Wenceslas Square
LIVE: 70,000 anti-government protesters came to Wenceslas Square

Prague – Tens of thousands of people filled Wenceslas Square this afternoon for a demonstration against the government. The police estimated their number at 70,000. The protest called the Czech Republic in 1st place is a joint action of organizations, political parties and citizens who do not agree with current politics and want the resignation of the government. Among the speakers were, for example, the chairwoman of the Trikolora movement Zuzana Majerová or former member of parliament Lubomír Volný (Free bloc). According to Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS), the protest was called by pro-Russian forces that are against the interests of the Czech Republic.

“The gathering on Wenceslas Square is taking place peacefully and we have not had to solve any serious problems so far. We estimate the number of participants at 2:30 p.m. to be about 70,000,” the police said on


Many demonstrators brought Czech flags, some also drums and banners with inscriptions such as Water boils for every pig or Thoughts for Ukrainians and two sweaters for us. The crowd chanted Demise!, We’ve had enough! or It’s here! People prepared slogans against the EU, NATO, Prime Minister Fial, the Green Deal for Europe and the government’s rejection of Russia. On the square there are stands and flags of the KSČM and the Tricolor.

The organizers demand the resignation of the government. At the same time, they want the government to authorize their experts to negotiate the purchase of gas and oil. For example, the energy worker Vladimír Štěpán criticized high energy prices and the government’s pro-Western course at the demonstration. He called the price cap being considered by the government stupid. According to him, this will lead to further price increases. He also spoke out against buying gas from the exchange.

Trikolora chairperson Majerová Zahradníková said after 15:00 that the number of demonstrators exceeded 100,000. “The Czech Republic needs a Czech government. Fial’s government is maybe Ukrainian, maybe Brussels, but definitely not Czech,” she said. According to her, the government should reduce taxes, including VAT, and end anti-Russian sanctions that harm Czech businessmen. He is also demanding a halt to the supply of weapons to Ukraine. “This is not our war,” he says. Trikolory’s economic expert, dean of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Prague, Miroslav Ševčík, accused Germany, among other things, of wanting to dominate the Czech Republic with the help of the European Union.

Other speakers included the former president of the Agrarian Chamber, Zdeněk Jandejsek, and former MP Volný, who called for the cooperation of nationalist forces. According to him, they have disappointed so far.

Due to the demonstration, the police divert traffic from the upper part of the square, the highway is open. Behind her on the steps of the National Museum are several dozen opponents of the demonstration with a large NATO and EU flag.

Organizers of the demonstration said earlier this week that they want the current government gone, the effects of the energy crisis mitigated and the damage repaired. They demand freeing the domestic industry from dependence on foreign companies, as well as military neutrality and ensuring direct contracts with gas suppliers at low prices, especially with Russia. According to them, the Czech Republic needs to change the system of distribution and payments for electricity so that it does not pay intermediaries on the stock exchange.

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