Burger and prosecco on the street. There were queues for the goodies

Daniela Tauberová


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Zábřeh in Šumperska came to life on Saturday with a festival of good food and drink. People enjoyed specialties of international cuisine prepared on the street, as well as delicacies served by producers of quality food from the region. On the perfumed Masaryk square, it was sometimes crowded at dozens of stalls with goodies.

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Burger and prosecco food festival on the street in Zábřeh, September 3, 2022

| Photo: Deník/Daniela Tauberová

The taste buds danced in the mouth at the food festival called Burger and Prosecco in the street. Devotees of juicy meat and those who prefer to treat themselves to a delicate macaroon will find their way. The menu was spectacular. Gourmets were pleasantly surprised, thanks to the festival they tasted roasted worms prepared in different flavors for the first time. There were many people interested in insect larvae.

The courtyard at Riegrov Street 5 in Olomouc, September 2, 2022

A new oasis in the center of Olomouc, Uncle Ferro’s yard will offer music and mackerel

“This is our first time in Zábřeh and we only learned about the event today. We are traveling further north as part of the holiday. It’s a blast! We like to go to food festivals all over the Czech Republic, but we didn’t expect such a peak here. There is even Būcheck from Brno. We have already tasted a burger with minced meat, a potato pancake with cracklings and a cottage cheese specialty from Loštice,” praised the organizers of Saturday’s event, a young couple from Kladno.

The construction of the Bludova bypass will completely close the Postřelmov bypass.

The construction of the Bludova bypass will close the Postřelmov bypass for three months

The gastro festival included a music scene in the area near the carp fountain. In the afternoon, visitors were entertained by the excellent Junior Big Band Zábřeh. Even the smallest eaters found enjoyment in the oasis of fun and activities in front of the Hnízdo maternity center.

“We wanted to revive the city center and treat people to a quality offer of street food. We invited top representatives from further afield so that people in the region could taste their delicacies. We also gave space to regional sellers. They can do amazing things, and people at the festival can discover these tastes and possibly take something home to the pantry,” explained Vratislav Jarmar from the Na talíři association from Zábřež for the organizers.

An association of enthusiasts and lovers of good food organizes the popular festival Food on a Plate. This year in May, the sixth year was held. Entry to food festivals is free.

Entrance to the Wolker Orchards in Zábřeh.

“There was a woodcutter with an ax flying in the park.” The people of Zábrežen are dealing with security

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