Do not underestimate varicose veins, they can lead to a life-threatening condition

Do not underestimate varicose veins, they can lead to a life-threatening condition
Do not underestimate varicose veins, they can lead to a life-threatening condition

Varicose veins can appear primarily as an aesthetic problem – but they are also very visible. But if you only try to cover them up with long pants instead of going to the doctor, you can get yourself into trouble.

It is important to seek medical help early. In the first stage, one does not have to go to surgery right away, compression stockings can slow down the course of the disease. However, they are not self-saving, in the end the patient will not survive the procedure anyway. “There is a risk of thrombosis, or inflammation of the veins, when the solution to the problem is postponed. And it can result in it breaking off and reaching the lungs, where an embolism occurs, which is a life-threatening condition,” explains Oto Schütz, head of the Venous Clinic in Prague.

From scalpel to glue

According to surviving records, varicose veins were already treated in antiquity. Since 1905, there has been a surgical method that has undergone several improvements over the years, most recently in 2007. Currently, however, the catheterization method, which is performed either by laser or radiofrequency, is considered the best method of treatment, and even then, the synergy of the surgical method is needed.

The biggest innovation is the gluing of varicose veins, which has also been performed in the Czech Republic since 2017. In simple terms, the vein is sealed to prevent further blood flow. This is done drop by drop with a special catheter. If you would like to have a vein taped, simply put, you may be disappointed. Which treatment method will be chosen is chosen by the doctor according to what is best for the given patient.

You don’t run “hamsters”.

At the same time, you can’t really influence whether your “hamsters” will start or not. “If one of the parents has varicose veins, they will show up in about eighty percent,” warns the doctor, and at the same time reassures a little that you don’t have to be afraid of “running around” or bringing them on, for example, by riding a bike every day, as some people deceive myths. But prevention is in order here as well: the right diet, aerobic exercise and work without standing or sitting for too long have an effect. Being overweight is also a risk factor for development.

And what effect does gravity have on blood flow in the lower limbs? Are there other symptoms of varicose veins other than just being visible? All this will be answered by Oto Schütz in the MUDr.ování podcast at the beginning of the article, where varicose veins were the main topic.


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