Sparta – Zln 0:0, they suffered a defeat at home, but they had a match to win

Sparta – Zln 0:0, they suffered a defeat at home, but they had a match to win
Sparta – Zln 0:0, they suffered a defeat at home, but they had a match to win

For the Sparans, he could have ended up going in the first place, there wasn’t much left. Zln had many of these points and if in the set time Siln mšto stela had recorded a free Dramma from the hlu, the guest would have won the points. Or Fillo, I was white from the right side, but he hit the ball well.

If… at all from the present day of Sparta, what did she do? Don’t even be surprised by the straps, they are completely out of shape. They saw it themselves: that’s why, after blowing the whistle, they grabbed the grass and grabbed each other’s heads.


we watched utkn minute by minute

I take the point with humility, Sparta oven just had pressure. Even when you don’t use our ance… Jan Jelnek repeated from Zlnsk.

The summer was full again, more than 12 thousand people arrived, the fans apparently have patience with Sparta. But even that has its limits, that’s why on Saturday, after a quarter of an hour, there was a whistle for the first time, when they combined with their own goal instead of a fast counter-flow.

It was not a unique picture, but it was completely telling. There was even a squealing at the traditional rescue round, which coach Priske called. Especially u looked around, same as sparansk game. It was again long-winded, boring, teachable, boring, without ideas.

The first half was not good, the game didn’t have the pace, we didn’t create chances. In the second, we just stuck together. I think we had a chance to win. But, of course, we could have lost, said Brian Priske.

Against Zlna kou, Priske opted for a 4-4-2 formation, immediately after clearing the penalty, he moved the footman Kuchta, who floated Vanara to the tip. This move didn’t work either, their collaboration didn’t have an effect that day. She suffered a whole ton of pain: as soon as something was about to happen, Sparta was at a loss.

It’s as if she didn’t lose her self-confidence with the beer wheels, but she lost it. Try a crank? Take it one on one? A gingerbread man? No way, it’s better to record backwards and not mess anything up. So they can play against Real Madrid, but not against Zln, if they are considered one of the weakest teams in the league.

That’s why the fans were waiting for the first threat of the goal: there they scored and in the first half, when Srensen’s header was saved by Kuchta and Rakovan’s goal flashed with a great step.

In the second half, Sparta got up for a while, but only optically. She pounced on the Žilina goalie, poured into the net in the center, maybe she was a bit too far away, but what was it all for when she created a single goal: Kuchta was forgotten in front of Rakovan after hours of play, but he pushed his left-footed shot into the corner.

In the first half, they could have lost the match: the Žilina winger Fillo easily outsprinted the stopper Srensen, didn’t miss anything, splashed into the ball and hit the crossbar. Jawo also blocked the sun’s power in the game. And not using Silnho’s tutu was just a sign of economic ruin.

Kou Priske tried a lot of things: he led Jankto from the left side to the other side, at half time he stopped twice, in the second half he tried playing the tonka for a while. All in vain, Sparta did not create anything with it.

Which should be a warning for her. During the season, she didn’t come across a really top-ranked opponent, so she lost points to second-placed Slavia and two to first-placed Plzeň – and that’s something both competitors have to their credit.

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