The demonstration gardens in Lednice educate and inspire

The poetic name hides eleven thematic gardens, which were created under the guidance of the Mendel University Faculty of Horticulture in Brno, located in Lednice.

Anyone who wants to can go here and turn a weekday into an extraordinary experience from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. That would be so you don’t leave here with your head full of ideas for your own garden of paradise. And what caught our attention?

Natural herbicide

Hedgehogs twirl with snails, groundhogs swallow snail eggs, and titmouses collect aphids. We lose all these helpers when we infest the garden with poisons. But how to suppress weeds without using chemicals?

The ideal recipe is offered by the flower beds in the Garden of Colors, which teach how to successfully match the colors of the flowers by means of helenium, cornflowers, rudbeckias, daylilies, bellflowers (Coreopsis), bells and magpies (Delphinium), and at the same time draw attention to the importance of proper spacing between plants. After a few years, they should come together beautifully so that not even an inch of land is left bare.

A cover will be created from the plant thicket, under which the weeds will not easily take hold.

Vacation at home

We can create an environment in which we will feel like we are on vacation in the Mediterranean, even outside the threshold of our own home. The Silver Garden – Mediterranean convinces us of this. The creators incorporated plants into it, the common denominator of which is a gray-silver color, Mediterranean origin and resistance to our climate.

In the beds covered in a cloud of the smell of lavender and thyme, poppies (Eryngium), downy mildew (Anaphalis), stachys (Stachys) with crown cock (Lychnis coronaria), sage or wormwood with chanterelles are presented.

The mood of the sunny south is enhanced by winding paths sprinkled with light sand and portable terracotta containers with olive trees and oleanders.

Photo: Adéla Mclintock, Law

Silver Garden – Mediterranean. Fragrant herbs and perennials with bright leaves can conjure up a holiday atmosphere.

One color is enough

White color has many shades from blank paper to freshly shelled walnut kernels to silvery ash. We find them on perennials, shrubs, creepers. When we gather them together in one place, they make a huge impression and do not lose their charm even at dusk.

The White Garden here is a refreshing cocktail mixed with anemones (Anemone) Honorine Jobert, asters Monte Cassino, phloxes, marigolds (Nepeta) Alba, bride’s veil, daylilies and echinacea White Swan, complemented by hydrangeas and fragrant primrose (Philadelphus) Belle Etoile.

The spiral-shaped floor plan of the beds forming a labyrinth, in the center of which stands a gazebo wrapped in roses, impresses with its imagination.

Photo: Adéla Mclintock, Law

White garden. Only plants as pale as a sardine are allowed in the spirally curled flower bed with a gazebo in the middle.

The mountain garden shines in the colors of lentils


Water for both swimmers and fairies

The crystal lake gives the garden a completely different dimension, and not only followers of the motto “back to nature” appreciate its beneficial effect on the surroundings. Water has the magical power to flush out all the spleen from the mind, and it also improves the air.

Children and adults get in shape in it, and the water lilies, whose technical name Nymphaea comes from the Greek word for fairy, serve as a mirror multiplying their tender beauty.

In Lednice’s Water Garden, the pond along the undulating banks is greened with wetland flora and surrounded by a modern wooden deck, which can comfortably fit sunbeds. Water lilies of miniature dimensions found a home in circular containers on the adjacent lawn.

Photo: Adéla Mclintock, Law

Water garden. Not only humans but also water lilies enjoy the liquid refreshment. These can grow both in a pond and in a container.

Geometry against boredom

A well-kept lawn, laid out perfectly like a billiard canvas, is beautiful to look at, soft to the touch, pleasant to laze on and play on. It is home to daisies and the perfect stage for garden decorations.

Those who are tired of its monotony will welcome the solution from the Garden of irises, peonies and hibiscus. Here, these popular plants are planted in large numbers in islands rhythmically arranged in the lawn, which has been reduced so much that only grass paths remain.

The circular base of the islands is nicely accentuated by light borders made of paving stones. These are embedded in the ground to prevent grass from growing into the beds and make mowing work easier.

Photo: Adéla Mclintock, Law

A garden of irises and hibiscus. Favorite plants are grouped together in circular flower beds, which interestingly break up the monotony of the lawn.

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