They entertain the Czechia with their videos –

They entertain the Czechia with their videos –
They entertain the Czechia with their videos –

Source: With the consent of Martin Hranáč

Every viewer probably associates Martin Hranáč (40) with the second series of VyVolených, in which he appeared as the faithful dog of future winner Tony Jalovc, with whom he fell in love. He provided entertainment in the competition and was full of him everywhere. Now he makes a living as a waiter, but he already has over a hundred thousand followers on his Instagram. He posts funny videos on social networks that make almost everyone laugh.

Martin Hranáč is an actor and musician, best known for his performance in the second series of the reality show VyVolení. He appeared on TV screens for the first time in the TV Nova show DO-RE-MI. He doesn’t hide that he’s gay. According to him, 1500 men have already passed through his bedroom, of course he takes it as humor. There weren’t many, but if there were that many, I’d probably have to wear adult diapers.” responds Martin to

Now he works as a waiter

In 2005, he appeared in the reality show VyVolení, where he liked to strip and lick all the other male contestants. Subsequently, he worked in Germany, where he was supposed to teach young go-go dancers the correct grip of the pole, then he returned to the Czech Republic and tried to get a hold of himself as a bartender. Now he makes a living as a waiter. I have been working as a waiter in a German restaurant for about eight years. I have to admit that I don’t really enjoy it, but based on this work, I found interesting content for my TikTok. I’m followed by a lot of waiters and people from gastronomy. I show the problems that waiters have with guests, which interests and amuses people in the field,” says Hranáč.

He makes money off of being gay

He certainly does not hide the fact that he is homosexual, on the contrary, he built his foundation on it Instagram, on which he currently has more than a hundred thousand followers. He adds funny videos there which are from different industries. He also added a video from the nineties to the social network, how he started in the show DO-RE-MI. Something from the nineties! Or how I was in Doremi! My mother forced me to wear this horrible hairstyle all my teenage years! God, that was terrible! And what’s your worst growing up experience?” wrote to the post.

The comedian recently celebrated his 40th birthday. “Forty doesn’t scare me. On the contrary. I’m happy with it. I feel that I’ve finally matured to the point where I’m starting to think about certain things that I wouldn’t have thought about before. And I can enjoy many things more than, say, ten years ago. For example, sex is no longer the first priority for me. There are many other interesting things in the world.” Martin Hranáč told

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