Mothers are invited to Masaryk’s flea market on Sunday

Mothers are invited to Masaryk’s flea market on Sunday
Mothers are invited to Masaryk’s flea market on Sunday

Mothers and those of Střekovská in Ústí nad Labem, a local registered association, are real sweethearts. They have wisdom and kindness in their hearts, they are educated, well-mannered, they love to laugh, they are full of ideas and inventions.

Mothers are invited to Masaryk’s flea market on Sunday.

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They give out joy by the handful and are now posting on their Facebook page: “There are five of us, all from Střekov. We are trying to bring this place to life. So we organize various events, the purpose of which is to revive the local community. We are a non-political group of five women (Helena Luzumová, Kateřina Chalašová, Jitka Gazdová, Lenka Jírová Dragounová, Veronika Dočkalová) who try to organize various non-commercial events throughout the year from Advent to Advent. Those where people can meet more. We want to develop the community life of Střekov, revitalize the public space. We regularly organize beneficial, joyfully neighborly events in the mentioned place in the TGM park in front of the Drama Studio, useful for our surroundings and loved ones. Give them and yourself two hours of time already on Sunday morning, it will fly by like nothing. In other words, we are once again preparing a classic flea market for you, an event in the best sense of the name at our place in Střekov,” reads the invitation.

As the five ladies led by Kateřina Chalašová already know well, such events are now gaining attention and respect again, especially in times of inflation they take on another dimension. Probably not, you won’t be able to get money from the flea market this Sunday to heat the family villa. And not all natural gas, so necessary for living today. Nevertheless: “Come again, or perhaps even for the first time, to Daddy Masaryk to offer your household treasures from attics, attics, chests and cupboards. On the contrary, you can buy here what you lack at home, in the workshop or at the cottage. Visit the Strekovský park, unwrap your blankets next to the benches and offer, find, sell, exchange. You are all warmly welcome, invited. Don’t forget old gramophone records, grandmother’s blankets, embroidery, cutlery, children’s own crafts for joy, their old toys, porcelain, magazines, games and God knows what else. After all, you already know it well over the years,” beckons five relaxed ladies with a smile, a sense of satisfaction and joy. However, if not everyone is at the event, know that they are currently preparing a festive treat at the stove. They mix the homemade lemonade, finish the pudding, bake a cake for the birthday party and, of course, also lovingly chill the beer for dad on the seventh step. Like in that comedy about the village.

They also think of us visitors, customers/neighbors, our stomachs and hungry necks together with the recently new cafe in Strekko, known to be the one right next to Činoherák. That’s why there will be something to have a bite to eat, a drink, a cake, even a juice and so on. Who likes what his stomach asks for before the holiday lunch, will not marry. We’ll laugh as much as we like, it’s almost here again. Do not hesitate and know that this Sunday is only one this year.

Radek Strnad

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