Photo: People no longer have to go all the way to Prague for a foot examination, just go to Veltrus

In the medical center in Veltrus, those interested could have their feet and their children’s feet checked with a podoscope. Until recently, people had to travel all the way to Prague for examinations. Nobody used this method in the Mělník district.

More and more people are using the podoscope examination.

| Photo: Deník/Alena Hedvíková

The event is organized by Veronika Kosánová’s Fyzionožka project. “From our point of view, the body must be solved comprehensively as a whole. If a person is already suffering from a problem, not even shoes will save him. Of course, it is necessary to choose quality shoes, but as soon as a problem appears, such as valgus, pain, flat feet, etc., an expert examination is needed. An active approach on the part of the client has proven effective for us – exercises, taping,” said the owner.

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Veronika Kosánová founded Fyzionožka precisely because she often encountered foot problems in young children at a time when she was focusing only on selling shoes. “I couldn’t do it and I tried to root out the cause of the problem and help people with that. But I couldn’t keep up with it in time, so I got in touch with physiotherapist Soňa Barvenčíková,” she said.

A podoscope is a diagnostic device that uses polarized light to detect foot defects. Both children and adults can be examined on the podoscope.

Exercise is an integral part of therapy, and due to great interest, Fyzionožka will soon expand to include group exercises aimed at both children and adults.

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