Crazy Harley ride: hundreds of roaring machines passed through the center of Prague and paratroopers jumped from the sky

As every year, 800 iconic motorcycles from all over Europe gathered this year. The fun ride offered a unique spectacle, it set off from Holešovice Výstaviště along the highway to Wenceslas Square. Here the column stopped and looked skyward at the brave parachutists.

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The paratroopers jumped from the plane over Wenceslas Square.

Then the ride continued along Sokolská and Žitná streets to Karlovo náměstí and then along the Masaryk embankment and across the Čechův bridge back to the Holešovice Exhibition Centre.

Sixty roaring motorcycles set off for a special race in the Central Bohemia region


“Harley Days consists in the fact that fans of motorcycles come here and here we enjoy what we have on the flag, which means the love of freedom,” Jaroslav Vavřina, the organizer of Prague Harley Days, explained to Novinkám.

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Motorcyclists drove through the center of the capital.

“A sleepy ride is a huge experience every year, for which a number of motorcyclists go to Prague Harley Days. Every year, even newcomers join in and enjoy the unique atmosphere together with us,” says Vavřina, adding:

“Just like in the sleepy ride, we like to welcome riders of other brands, it’s no different at the whole Prague Harley Days. They are intended not only for riders and motorcyclists, but for the general public as well. Whether you are a lover of motorcycles, great spectacle, good food or adrenaline, whether you are an active rider or just looking for an interesting event to spend the first weekend in September, whether you have never sat on a motorcycle, or you are a random passer-by, teenagers, or mothers, Prague Harley Days is for all of you.”

The main decorative element of the entrance hall of the house is a Harley Davidson motorcycle

Tips and trends

Prague Harley Days is already a traditional summer celebration of freedom in one track held in Prague. Every year it offers fun for the whole family, powerful machines, motorcycle rides, the popular sleeper ride, motorcycle exhibition, adrenaline, concerts and good food and drink. Its goal is to bring the Harley Davidson lifestyle closer to the general public and to show that Prague Harley Days are truly for everyone, whether they come on a motorcycle of any brand, by car, by tram, or on foot.

The event takes place at the Exhibition Center until Sunday at 6 p.m., and is connected with the Burgerfest.

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