USA – Czechia 10:1, the Czechs caught a debacle from the USA in the semi-finals and they will have to fight for bronze

From the first minutes, the American women showed great speed and, as time went on, also the quality of finishing. Mlýnková and Mrázová could react to the Heise’s leading goal in the 8th minute during a two-on-one break, but they did not aim accurately.

After the run of record holder Hilary Knight, who in the quarter-final against Hungary broke the historical record for all world championships with 87 Canadian points, the favorites were leading 4-0 in the 15th minute.

The Czechs were then robbed of a goal by a questionable decision by the referees. The fighter Mlýnková was fouled at speed in front of the goal, in the fall she headed into the American cage with the opponent’s goalkeeper and Kateřina Mrázová was happy with the successful stop. But not for long, the referees eventually disallowed the goal. And so the United States continued to rule, leading 6-0 after the first half and sending the best goalkeeper of the tournament so far, Klára Peslarová, to the substitutes.

Number two Blanka Škodová conceded after seven minutes, but then the Czech team had an honorable goal. A few seconds after the unused power play, Tejralová fired from the blue line and the assertive Klára Hymlárová together with Křížová pushed the puck into the net with luck. Fourteen seconds later, however, Amanda Kesselová completed a hat trick and adjusted the score to 8:1 after two periods.

The United States outshot the Czech national team 39:10 and dominated the last part as well. Škodová collected twice more from the sticks of Harvey and Heise, who started and ended the goal tally, rounding the number of American goals to ten.

The women’s national team thus recorded its first defeat at the tournament and was not enough for the American women even in its second ever meeting with this opponent. In Herning, he will likely fight for bronze on Sunday against Switzerland, whose scalp of Canada would be equivalent to a minor miracle. In addition, the Swiss women are struggling with injuries and covid-19.

Women’s World Hockey Championship – semi-finals:
USA – Czechia 10:1 (6:0, 2:1, 2:0)
Goals and assists: 8. Heise (Carpenter), 10. Scamurra (Zumwinkle, Compher), 11. Kessel (Heise), 15. Knight (Heise, Keller), 19. Knight (Bilka, Dunne), 20. Carpenter (Eden , Keller), 27. Kessel (Roque, Harvey), 32. Kessel (Heise), 51. Harvey (Scamurra), 53. Heise (Kessel) – 32. Hymlár (Křížová, Tejral). Referees: Kainbergerová (Austria), Tassoniová – Cameronová (both USA), Chartrandová (Can.). Exclusion: 3:6. Usage: 1:0. Viewers: 851.
Czechia: Peslarová (21. Škodová) – Lásková, Pejšová, Horálková, Tejralová, Radová, Trnková – Mlýnková, Mrázová, Šapovalivová – Pejzlová, Hymlárová, Křížová – Neubauerová, Přibylová, Mills – Pátková, Sarnovská, Erbanová. Coach: Carla MacLeod.
Canada – Switzerland 8:1 (2:0, 2:1, 4:0)
Goals: 42nd and 46th Poulin, 14th O’Neill, 14th Eldridge, 23rd Jenner, 28th Fillier, 44th Nurse, 55th Clark – 33rd Christen.
At 5-8 place:
Finland – Hungary 3:2 in extra time (1:0, 1:2, 0:0 – 1:0)
Japan – Sweden 5:4 (0:3, 3:0, 2:1).
Next program – Sunday:
11:00 a.m., for 5th place: Finland – Japan,
15:00, for 3rd place: Czechia – Switzerland,
19:30, final: USA – Canada.

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