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Martin Vopenko
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As much as I generally believe in the meaningful application of modern technologies, this time I was taken aback. I consider not accepting cash to be a serious interference with personal freedoms. As a result, it means that a person without an account becomes a second-category citizen.

A memory of a holiday

Dependence on bank accounts then drives us into the snares of multinational corporations that will have us in their hands in a world without cash. Not only can they dictate fees for their services and collect information about us regarding our likes and needs, but one day they could also directly regulate or direct our needs. I recently had a bank freeze a ridiculous amount of money coming into my account and it took over a week to unblock it.

I understand that it is necessary to make tax evasion and the legalization of the proceeds of crime more difficult. However, choosing to keep our money outside the banking system should in no way limit our access to goods and services.

In addition, we can better control the spending of physical money. With cards and no cash, we will be just flow consumers completely at the mercy of the corporals. Maybe I’m old school, but I do it with money by always withdrawing an amount from the ATM for a period of time, and then managing it. And this despite the fact that I do not suffer from poverty.

I wanted to teach my children to farm as well. But, as it turns out, he probably won’t go through with it anymore.

Children learn the uselessness

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Even the rustling of money itself has its charm. Cash payments are part of our cultural history. And sometimes they are also the only option to secure payment.

Especially at the beginning of the nineties, when I started publishing books, there was no other way. That was often the first and last time you saw the merchant who bought goods from you. If you didn’t withdraw money from him immediately, never again. I still remember counting crumpled banknotes in the hallway of my apartment, where I stored books at the time. Or I left the Cheap Books at the time, where I brought the goods, with a plastic bag.

Not that I miss that time – today business is more cultured and plastic bags full of money reek of crime. However, please don’t take one thing away from me: The right to go to a shop, service center or pub with a wallet full of money.

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