Czechia in first place? A pro-Russian activist was also on stage at the anti-government demonstration

Blogger and analyst Roman Máca drew attention to Jovanovič’s presence at the demonstration on Twitter.

And Jovanovič himself published a photo from the event on his Facebook profile.


Jovanovič is among the influential pro-Russian activists in the Czech Republic. He organizes demonstrations, runs the disinformation television Raptor-TV, according to the Hlídací pes website, he works for the Russian state television VGTRK, and in 2020 he collaborated on a report on the removal of the statue of Marshal Koněv in Prague 6, which was broadcast by the Russian state television.

“The report by Rossiya 1 (Russian state television, editor’s note) was created in cooperation with Raptor TV,” N Jovanovič confirmed to Deník at the time.

He is also a member of the association Hey, citizens, which states on its website that they are “ready to support the process of exiting the EU” and want to “reduce our dependence on and participation in NATO following the restoration of our own defense capability”.

He was supposed to visit Moscow in 2017. In 2018, he ran as a Zemanovka candidate for the Prague municipality and also participated as a journalist in the SPD congress, where many media were banned from entering.

After Brexit, he published a photo on his Facebook profile with another pro-Russian activist, Zdenek Kratochvíl. Both have badges that say ‘Kremlin Agent’ and the caption reads: ‘Kremlin Agents Celebrate Brexit’.

Photo:, No source

Žarko Jovanovič and Zdeněk Kratochvíl in a photo from 2016

The initiative that organized Saturday’s demonstration on Wenceslas Square has Czech Republic in 1st place in its name. He claims that he is promoting Czech sovereignty and independence.

Among the speakers, for example, the president of the Trikolora movement, Zuzana Majerová Zahradníková, spoke, according to which the government should end anti-Russian sanctions and stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Former member of parliament Lubomír Volný (Free Block) in turn called for the cooperation of national forces. Among the speakers was the KSČM presidential candidate Josef Skála.

Many demonstrators brought Czech flags and banners with slogans against the EU, NATO, Prime Minister Petar Fial, the Green Deal for Europe and the government’s rejection of Russia.

70,000 people participated in Saturday’s protest against the government. After it ended, the organizers said that if the government did not resign by September 25, they would announce coercive actions. They are planning another protest on September 28.

On Wenceslas Square, 70,000 protesters demanded the resignation of the government


Events comparable to November 1989 may occur in the Czech Republic, TASS wrote about the demonstrations in Prague


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