The country’s leadership should choose two approaches to one multi-crisis, to the presidential candidate Zima | Home the Czech political scene has recently been dominated by topics related to the invasion of Ukraine, such as high inflation, extreme increases in energy prices and problems related to female refugees. The presidential election will take place in the so-called multi-crisis era, when covid-19, climate change and the fear of a nuclear conflict combine. What type of president would be ideal for such a complex analogy?
We need politicians who are capable of agreements for the benefit of the whole. Not parties of one’s own interest or ideology. Personalities who have the potential to understand problems and find one. You are right that we have to overcome several interconnected crises. It requires a completely different approach from politicians, not yet. Klem is the agreement on the native name and its joint enforcement. At home and abroad, what does it mean to forget personal interests and prioritize the needs of the country. The initiator of this distinction is the president. He is above parties, but not above people. I must not become a part of hateful politics, but at the same time one cannot rise above them. When I look for a PM from architecture, I think of a clamp. The one, because the individual saws of the building stand, and as a whole it has two meaning and serves its purpose. Why did you decide to run for office? Do you think that other candidates do not have these qualities?

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