tok lasers for aircraft pibv. The pilot is about to lose his sight, to the captain

tok lasers for aircraft pibv. The pilot is about to lose his sight, to the captain
tok lasers for aircraft pibv. The pilot is about to lose his sight, to the captain

He revealed the lie to so much that the women of the air traffic recorded the laser flow for several tens of years. Especially in Prague, but also in summer in Ostrava and Brno.

According to him, in the middle of April and August, the bag flew around Prague to incidents in the dark. This year, the police recorded 27 incidents. Last year there were 30 for the whole year and in 2020 a total of 19.

Klma warned that such a flow is very dangerous. The pilot has to watch the instruments on the dashboard, one of the lowest phases of the flight. If he is dazzled, he explained to that, for a few seconds, he has the ability to correctly perceive all flight parameters, and such a situation could endanger the safety of the flight.

Dleit is to look away

At such a moment, the pilot is painfully dazzled and cannot follow the instruments closely for a few moments. Captain Tom Jn from the airline company Smartwings wrote for how it looks in the cockpit during the flow.

The trick is to see a flash from one specific place, from which the perpetrator tries to hit the plane’s cockpit with the beam. If the pilot is hit, he may lose his sight, but he may also suffer permanent damage, commented Jn.

According to him, it is particularly important not to look directly into the beam and to look away. In such a situation, the woman should report to the co-pilot. It is also necessary to inform air traffic control about a laser strike, they then contact the police, added the captain of the transport plane.

According to the captain, if vision damage were to occur, the pilot would be forced to fly without filling. Laser strikes occur in critical phases of flight – that is, during takeoff and landing. Any interference with the pilot’s activities in these phases may cause complications. As I mentioned, there are two pilots in airliners. If there is a marriage of one, let me safely complete the species, assured Jn, who has a dazzling laser of experience. And not only in Prague, but also abroad.

It never came close to reaching the o. We informed the air traffic control about the situation and position of the laser. After the attack, the police were waiting for her, and we reported the incident, Captain Jn added to

If the air traffic controller receives information about the laser beam from the pilot, immediately, according to Klma, report this information to the police, specifying the location of the beam. They very quickly start a pattern according to the place of the flow, including a motorized patrol, sometimes they even go as far as taking off a helicopter, he explained.

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He made the lie so expensive that today people can order a relatively powerful laser online. Drones are also a complication for flying.

The frequency of flights to planes is increasing dramatically

However, this issue is known in relatively detail by drone operators, who should provide and have informed sources to know where drones are not allowed to be used, i.e. around the summer, Klma pointed out, speaking to him, but in this case, a drone has occurred several times in recent years in the area of ​​flight routes and departure routes.

Marcela Szkanderov from the police presidium confirmed for that the flow trend is increasing. A specific mental laser dazzle flight of the crew with the aim of disrupting the safe operation of the aircraft is the subject of growing worldwide interest. The available data indicates that the frequency of laser beams on civilian aircraft is increasing dramatically, Szkanderov said.

If, according to them, the flow occurs when the plane is close to the ground, events are now recorded even at heights of 8,000 feet (about 2,400 meters).

The general can be said to be concerned about how the power, range and divergence of the beams are increasing and that there will be an event when both pilots will be practically unable to fly, she pointed out.

Szkanderov added that laser streams represent a major safety problem and should be considered illegal. That is why we also support further research with the aim of finding a solution that would help other agencies in the criminal justice system to stop these flows and locate the perpetrators so that they can be dealt with appropriately, she said.

According to n, the second area is the lack of legislation. According to the Szkanders, even if the police manage to track down and catch the perpetrator of the laser beam, it is very rare.

It’s definitely a misdemeanor

The risks associated with laser devices and their use are very common. From the evaluation of the current situation, it appeared that thanks to the cooperation set up, it was possible to reduce the police intervention from hours to minutes, and the probability of the intervention increased significantly, Szkanderov described.

By your intervention at the scene of the incident, according to them, you can at least prevent further flows and thereby maintain the standard level of air traffic safety. It is obvious that, in relation to the sweat of the aircraft in operation and the sweat of their take-off and landing, a harmless but very important event for the safety of the flight and the life and health of the pilot, which led to the creation of a potentially very dangerous situation, has changed .

If it will be a criminal offence:

One could be qualified as a criminal or general threat according to 272 of the law. 40/2009 Coll., the Criminal Code (according to the Criminal Code only) with a rate of 3 to 8 years, especially in connection with provision 272 of the Criminal Code, pop. by other provisions of the Criminal Code on criminal offenses of insanity or such insanity.

If, according to the police, someone uses a powerful laser with full awareness and death that it will lead to general danger, then it is possible to infer the mental form of guilt.

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