Cuba: Fial’s statement about pro-Russian forces at a protest against the government was unfortunate

Cuba: Fial’s statement about pro-Russian forces at a protest against the government was unfortunate
Cuba: Fial’s statement about pro-Russian forces at a protest against the government was unfortunate

Prague – Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s (ODS) statement about the pro-Russian convenors of Saturday’s demonstration against the government was unfortunate, according to South Bohemian Region Governor Martin Kuba (ODS). According to him, the government should not underestimate people’s fear of the current price hike and energy crisis and should make it clear to them that it will guide them through the situation. Kuba said this in the discussion program Partie Terezia Tománková on CNN Prima News. Fiala’s statement was also criticized by ANO MP Jana Mračková Vildumetzová and SPD MP Jan Hrnčíř.

According to the police, around 70,000 people gathered at Wenceslas Square in Prague for an anti-government demonstration. In response, Prime Minister Fiala told journalists that it is clear that pro-Russian disinformation campaigns are appearing in the Czech Republic and that someone is subject to them. He added that everyone has the right to express their views and demonstrate. “The interpretations of the events that I have had the opportunity to see so far point to strongly pro-Russian attitudes, and in my opinion, this does not correspond to the interests of the Czech Republic and our citizens,” added Fiala.

“The statement itself is not happy, it is necessary to think about it and see what leads people there, and if the government ignores it, then a problem may arise,” Cuba commented on the Prime Minister’s words today. He recalled the close result in the last election. He stated that if parties like KSČM, Přísaha, ČSSD or Trikolora had received more votes, the distribution of forces in the House of Representatives would probably be completely different. “People’s feeling that they don’t know how to solve the situation and that they are afraid of something is something that we have to work with and we must not lose sight of what is terribly important, which is the maintenance of freedom and democracy in the Czech Republic,” he warned.

According to him, it is clear that the country is entering a disinformation war and that pro-Russian activists participated in the organization of Saturday’s demonstration. “The task of this government is to make it clear to the people that we will lead them through the situation, that belongs to democracy, the government has responsibility for it,” he added.

The Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Jana Mračková Vildumetzová (ANO), also called Fiala’s statement on the demonstration unfortunate. She stated that she would not agree with all the speakers at the demonstration, but that the people protesting had her support. According to her, the government is handling the current situation badly. Liberec Region Governor Martin Půta (Mayors for the Liberec Region) also expressed his understanding for people’s participation in the demonstration. He also stated that it is impossible to comment on such a large protest only with words about the pro-Russian organizers of the demonstration.

According to SPD MP Jan Hrnčíř, Fial’s statements were arrogant and stupid. He said he did not think the demonstration was called by pro-Russian forces. According to him, the speeches at the demonstration were about a desperate situation where the government is unable to help people.

The demonstration entitled Czech Republic in 1st place was a joint event of organizations, political parties and citizens who disagree with the current government policy and want change. From the podium under the statue of St. Wenceslas, the speakers mainly criticized the high energy prices and the pro-Western course of the current government. Organizers said they were demanding the immediate resignation of Fial’s cabinet and the calling of new parliamentary elections. If the requirement is not met, there is a threat of opposition.

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