The sisters got on a fateful merry-go-round. We could have done worse, they remember

Sisters Shanti and Sophie will never go to a similar attraction again. On Saturday, they visited the Havířovské festivities and chose the Rotating Tower as their first attraction. Shortly after three o’clock, the girls were spinning on the merry-go-round. And in two hours each had a cast on her leg. Fortunately. The girls could have done worse.

On the afternoon of Saturday 3 September 2022, there was a carousel accident at the Havířovské festivities. Sisters Shanti and Sophie, who were on the carousel at the time of the accident

| Photo: Deník/Tomáš Januszek

Both sisters visited the attraction with their friend Adéla. “If she wasn’t there, then I’m half,” says Sophie, the younger of the sisters, who was sitting with Adéla. Shanti was alone in the seat.

The carousel accident is being investigated as a negligent endangerment. The culprit is not yet known

“We were spinning at the top, then the merry-go-round began to accelerate and descend. When we were about halfway through, we fell apart very quickly and we started hitting the booths around the carousel. The seats were still spinning down on the platform, but outside the railing. I tried to kick away so that the seat would go back over the railing. And I succeeded. On the other hand, Shanti was hanging in the seat behind the railing, some gentleman had to help her out,” described Adéla, who was unharmed.

Legs in plaster

We tell each other everything in front of the Havířov hospital, where the girls were brought by their mother in wheelchairs. “Sophie, the younger daughter, has a broken instep on her right foot, Shanti, the elder, has her left leg in a cast. A sprained ankle and a bumped heel, but he can’t walk,” says Mrs. Kristína.

The fall of the carousel during the Havířov festivities interrupted the program of the festivities, Havířov, September 3, 2022

A chain carousel crashed in Havířov. At least 17 people, including children, were injured

She had already recovered from the initial shock. And even the girls talk about the event without any problems, they smile when they take pictures.

“We were so looking forward to it. It’s a shame we won’t be able to do more,” says Shanti, adding that she will never go to any such attraction again.

Her sister is mainly glad that nothing too serious happened to them. They have a cast for three weeks. “We could have done worse. I saw a little boy there with a cut leg,” Sophie remembers.

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