I don’t care, you drink. Instead of nvtvy practice, call people to save

I don’t care, you drink. Instead of nvtvy practice, call people to save
I don’t care, you drink. Instead of nvtvy practice, call people to save

Entrances due to broken legs, I think I have an accident. After two years, he is saved and returns with his usual entrance. In recent years, their work has changed a lot, and they have come out especially to be infected with covid.

However, this changed this year and rescuers were able to move back to the normal entrances. Tch pitom year after year long-term pibv. According to the event we have to go, the rise of the interplanetary zone has been continuous for many years. Luk Humpl, a spokesman for the Moravian-Silesian rescue team, described the incident to iDNES.cz last year.

According to him, Nejastji intervenes first on holidays, when people are out the most. And while last year they recorded 23,330 entries in two holidays, this year, according to Humpel, there will be a minimum of 1,000 entries. others, for example, interfered with drowning and drowning.

A similar increase is recorded in other regions, for example, in Liberec there is an increase of about 6 events per 24 hours, which, according to Michael Georgiev, is the answer to the trend of recent years.

On the contrary, rescuers from Vysoina have already had a record summer month. At the end of August, they registered 8,500 entries. From the point of view of statistics, this year’s vacations will be one of the worst in the last few years, said Petr Janek, speaking there.

Total entry of ZZS in R (entry 2009 2021)

Increasing the entrance fee is not a problem of individual regions and only years. According to the health workers themselves, this is a long-term trend. According to Jana Potov, in the words of the Czech conservationists, there is no answer to the rising number of seniors in the population. The first ones are untrustworthy clients.

Entrances that shouldn’t be

st entrance to the rescue is stupid according to them. And even this poet has been growing in esque for a long time. Such a problem was recently discussed by physician Marcela Maternov, who has a private intern practice in Temon, but also helped out at the hospital and has many years of experience as a lifeguard. According to n, this and 70 percent of safe deposit boxes in the Plzeň region are redundant.

People often call the wallet lost, others call for fees

As one of the many, she mentioned the phone call of a 24-year-old woman who called her mailbox at midnight because she was hungry after sex and wanted to be checked in the hospital. Pojiovna pay this entry and oeten in the hospital. These pensions could be invested much more effectively, commented Maternov’s example.

According to the words of Monika Novkov, the Central Bohemian rescuer, such visits are mainly caused by the fact that the patients are laymen and thus cannot adequately evaluate their health status. In case of health problems, call emergency services immediately. Obas can meet with a client who does not want to wait for his wife in the hospital and therefore chooses a trip through ZZS, noted the spokeswoman for the Pardubice rescue Alena Kisiala.

We will face the inflation of health care services in the long term. In general, it is said that it is about 15 percent of all entrances, depending on what we include in this category, said Michaela Bothov, spokesperson for South Moravian conservation.

A phone call doesn’t have to mean entry

In case of uncertainty, it is always better to call the mailbox and consult with the operator. From there, our main opertoi is to direct the patient elsewhere in clear cases. The symptoms of the so-called disease may not always be noticeable, especially not in old people, Jana Potov described.

If the operator assesses that it is necessary to send an ambulance to the scene of the incident, he will send it. However, this does not apply in general, i.e. in such a way that rescuers will come to anyone who calls 155 or 112. The bag operator can refer the patient to a practical doctor, or self-help transport.

If it is a case of abuse of the ZZS, I can be evaluated by the rescue and the fear of revenge. He records the fact in the document, and then it is up to the patient’s office to determine how the situation unfolds.

In some callers and patients, we see little effort to take responsibility for their health. These are, for example, intoxications, when the patient consciously and often repeatedly injures himself with the use of addictive substances, including alcohol and drugs, she added.

All live calls are always screened by experienced operators, even so it may happen that people present themselves much more invitingly on the phone than they actually are.

Due to the massive bleeding of the hand, I only had a small wound on my finger. Rescuers are so free even when the hunter has been in pain for several days, or when the hunter wants to go out for a few days. A practical medicine could solve such problems.

The reason, for the people, they will ultimately save the service, is a bag of things. There are also cases when outpatient services are unavailable in their city of residence, or the medical practice itself does not function as it should. A half of them send their patients to the EMS and the patient will do it, said Lucie Mikiskov, speaking of Olomouc emergency services.

There is also a false assumption that if the EMS is called, the patient will be treated at home and will not have to travel to the hospital. Others think that when an ambulance comes to the hospital, they are there immediately and without hesitation. Sometimes the people of the operator thought that there was no way to get to the hospital, which is particularly remarkable in urban agglomerations and the close proximity of hospitals, added Humpl.

According to Marek Slabho, the president of the Association of Health Care Services R, in addition, the coffers of institutions – homes for the elderly, social care and medical facilities – call for help in the event of the unavailability of contracted medicine and the lack of medical personnel.

Long and castles of unindicated reach

Slab added that there was darkness repeatedly in politics, but the corona virus pandemic broke it. It turned out that she would definitely find herself on the side of some kind of system problem. Probably the most difficult subjects covered by Paul were the fee for entry outside the obvious danger to life, the possibility of penalizing a patient who was married in a hospital with a chronic disease and taken to the EMS, but he described that it would be very difficult to find an agreement and enforce an unpopular one.

However, according to him, the number of non-indicated entrances significantly increases costs for the provision of emergency services, thus increasing the number of staff and employees of the EMS and crowding the hospital’s ambulance and emergency services. Rescue may not be available for a patient who is truly life-threatening. At the same time, you reach their pet peeves, which in some cases leads to the banishment syndrome.

In order for the situation to improve, according to the experts, it is necessary for the state to cooperate more with regions and municipalities and to get doctors and nurses where there are mistakes. According to them, emergency services in hospitals would help, which would ensure the availability of non-perpetual acute primary care as well as the dispatch of medical personnel in social care settings. According to Slabho, consciousness also plays its role.

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