PHOTO: Sigma used a long power play against Pardubice and finally won

And they had the first big chance. Chytil headed dangerously after the Frozen corner, but Markovič caught him with a huge portion of luck. Even in the next few minutes, Jílek’s men were clearly the more active team, but the important thing – i.e. goals – still did not and did not come.

In the 20th minute, East Bohemia also threatened. Sychra managed to get to the penalty area and then sent the ball interestingly in front of Trefil, where Červenka was preparing to finish. But he was well defended, so it was only played out from the gate.

Little Sigma is still undefeated at home. He takes a point with Třinec

In the 31st minute, new signing Jakub Pokorný was close to Sigma’s leading goal. After the corner kick, he leaned into the ball from the air and only the foot of one of the defenders prevented the ball from moving further towards the net.

Two minutes later, however, real tutkos came from the side of the blues. First, after pushing Breite, Chvátal shot from close range and Markovič made a great save. Immediately after, Mojmír Chytil hit the bar with his head from a corner kick.

Eight minutes before half-time, referee Hocek first showed Pardubice’s Bernard Ros a yellow card for a foul, which he later changed to a very strict red after assisting with the video.

And the Hanáci were able to use the power play on offer until the end of the half. After the center from the right, Růsek first headed into the bar, and Jakub Pokorný returned the rebound with his head into the Pardubice net. With the score 0:1, we went to the cabins.

Six minutes after the change of sides, it could have been 2-0 for Sigma. But Rűsek hit the goal structure again with his head, this time the crossbar. And that wasn’t all. In the next six minutes, Matoušek shot from a good position, and after Markovič’s intervention, the ball again aimed at the Pardubice post.

PHOTO and VIDEO: Uničov finally broke the losing streak. But he only took one point with Hranice

Olomouc didn’t get their deserved second goal until the 76th minute. Breite sent a brilliant pass into the penalty area, where Antonín Růsek released himself beautifully and finally managed to get the ball into the net through the home goalkeeper.

From this moment on, the match played out in peace without any major chances on either side. After the final whistle, Sigma has seven points in the table and moved to twelfth position, the East Bohemians remain at the very bottom with only three points.

FK Pardubice – SK Sigma Olomouc 0:2 (0:1)

Goal: 45+2. Humble, 76. Lipstick. Referee: Hocek – Machač, Kotalík. ŽK: Freedom – Poulolo, Caught, Humble. ČK: Dew (PAR). Spectators: 636.

Pardubice: Markovič – Rosa, Vlček, Hranáč, Svoboda – Tischler – Sychra (60. Leandro Lima), Hlavatý, Janošek (89. Akosah Bempah), Mareš (46. Kostka) – Červenka (72. Černý). Coach: Pavel Nemeček.

Olomouc: Hit – Grabbed, Poulolo (46. Beneš), Pokorný, Frozen – Breite (90. Greššák), Spáčil (63. Ventúra) – Turned (86. Sláma), Růsek, Vodhaněl (46. Matoušek) – Caught. Coach: Václav Jílek.

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