The presidential candidates are sympathetic to people’s concerns about rising prices

The presidential candidates are sympathetic to people’s concerns about rising prices
The presidential candidates are sympathetic to people’s concerns about rising prices

Prague – In response to Saturday’s anti-government demonstration, some presidential candidates expressed their understanding of people’s concerns about price increases. According to Petr Pavel, the public does not receive answers from the government that would reassure them. Danuše Nerudová warned that people’s fear can lead to radicalization. According to police estimates, around 70,000 people participated in Saturday’s protest on Wenceslas Square.

Army General Petr Pavel believes that many people are justifiably worried and are not receiving answers from the government that would reassure them. According to Pavel, however, it is necessary to separate concerns and disagreement with the current solution to the crisis from extremism, he said

. He added that the demonstration, as well as its evaluation, is largely controlled by emotions, which will not advance the solution of the problems.

Economist and former rector of Mendel University Danuše Nerudová is convinced that Saturday’s demonstration should not be underestimated. “Fear is a powerful weapon that leads to radicalization,” she wrote on

. According to Neruda, it is up to the government to make it clear that it will do everything so that people can pay their energy bills.

At the same time, Nerudová rejected the demands of some speakers of the protest for the withdrawal of the Czech Republic from some international institutions. “The security of the Czech Republic would be threatened without NATO and EU membership,” she said.

According to Senator Mark Hilšer, people are rightly afraid of high prices. “However, leaning towards Russia will not improve anything. On the contrary, it would be even worse, willpower, violence, mega-corruption and lack of freedom,” Hilšer wrote on

u. In connection with the demonstration, he also pointed out that people have become distant from politics, and he thinks that politicians only care about themselves.

Chairman of the ANO opposition movement and former prime minister Andrej Babiš on Saturday facebook profile, he wrote that he was not surprised by the high number of participants in the Wenceslas Square demonstration. “I wouldn’t be surprised if even more of them arrived next time. I’ve been traveling all over the country for the last few months and I hear how desperate and angry people are,” said Babiš, who intends to announce his decision about a possible presidential candidacy later in the fall.

The former prime minister accused the government, which the opposition unsuccessfully tried to express no confidence in this week, of arrogance, incompetence and cluelessness. “They have a majority in the parliament, they won there logically, but in the cities and on the streets they have been losing along the whole line for a long time with their arrogance, incompetence and cluelessness,” Babiš wrote.

Presidential candidate and union leader Josef Středula considers Saturday’s demonstration to be the result of poor government work and people’s fears about the future. If the government does not understand this and does not take action to protect people and companies, the demonstrations will not only continue, but will gain strength, said the chairman of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (ČMKOS) on Saturday at


Another presidential candidate, businessman Karel Janeček, took part in Saturday’s demonstration as a spectator. “All those who were at Wenceslas Square are our fellow citizens who exercised their constitutional right to demonstrate and deserve to be heard,” he said on

. According to him, the government is responsible for excessive passivity in solving the current energy crisis. But the resignation of the entire government would be too destabilizing, added Janeček.

Saturday’s protest called the Czech Republic in 1st place was a joint action of organizations, political parties and citizens who disagree with the current policy and want the resignation of the government. The organizers criticized high energy prices and the pro-Western course of the current government. According to Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS), the event was called by forces that claim to be pro-Russian and are against the interests of the Czech Republic.

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