CLEAR: Contributions to strict diets will increase. Who is entitled and how much they will receive

The increase applies to those who are dependent on a low-protein diet, undergo dialysis, have cholesterol problems, suffer from diabetes, phenylketonuria, are gluten intolerant, have osteoporosis or cannot eat foods with lactose. Also pregnant and lactating women. The diary provides detailed information.

When does the claim arise?
Since 2007, people in material need have been receiving the health diet allowance in addition to the subsistence allowance, which currently amounts to 4,620 crowns per individual. Entitlement to the dose arises on the basis of the recommendation of the relevant specialist doctor. The money is paid out by the Labor Office of the Czech Republic, while officials assess the income and assets of not only the applicant but also the members of his household when claiming.

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How many people are receiving the dose
Although the Labor Office of the Czech Republic does not record the specification according to diseases, it does record the total number of paid increased benefits. “In July of this year, we paid out a total of 9,439 subsistence allowances, which were increased due to a special diet,” said Kateřina Beránková, spokeswoman for the Labor Office, for Deník. The total amount of money paid out (for the subsistence allowance increased by the allowance for the diet) amounted to just over fifty-four million crowns in July.

Specific amounts
Finances serving as a contribution to a health diet, which range from 1,000 to 2,800 crowns, were last valued in 2012. They will now range from 1,095 to 3,066 crowns. More details in the table.

An expert’s opinion
Diabetologist Barbora Doležalová from the INTENDIA clinic in Chrudim told Deník that she considers the increase in doses to support people in material need, not a step that would lead to medical reasons. “We have a million diabetics, but only tens of thousands of them are eligible for the allowance,” she said. With the fact that, for example, a diet for diabetics consists in the fact that a person eats healthier and smaller portions.

Monthly contributions to health diets for people in material need

Low protein

  • Now: 1380 CZK
  • From October: 1511 CZK

During dialysis

  • Now: 1000 CZK
  • From October: 1095 CZK

With low or high cholesterol and with hyperlipoproteinemia

  • Now: 1050 CZK
  • From October: 1150 CZK

In diabetes

  • Now: 1130 CZK
  • From October: 1238 CZK

PHARMACY. Illustrative image

Prescription drugs won’t go up in price due to inflation. However, they may not be available, according to the manufacturers

In phenylketonuria

  • Now: 2220 CZK
  • New: 2431 CZK

For celiac disease (gluten-free)

  • Now: 2800 CZK
  • New: CZK 3066

In osteoporosis

  • Now: 1090 CZK
  • New: CZK 1194

Diet for lactose intolerance

  • Now: 1070 CZK
  • New: 1172 CZK

During pregnancy and breastfeeding until the child’s year

  • Now: 1100 CZK
  • New: 1205 CZK

Another increase

The expensive diet allowance is part of a government-approved package of measures to support people with disabilities.

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You are not eligible, the pensioner hears. There is only a minimum left from the pension, he applies for contributions in vain

The mentioned package also includes the following measures:

  • The mobility allowance for people with medical disabilities, which is received by about 260,000 people, will increase from 550 to 900 crowns.
  • The prices of lifting platforms for people with disabilities will increase from the current 400 to 500 thousand crowns. Currently, I give them to about three hundred and fifty people a year.
  • While until now only mothers could take leave in the event of the death of a baby, now men will also be entitled to the paternity benefit and related leave.
  • With retroactive effect from July 1, the contribution to support the employment of people with disabilities will be increased, instead of the current 14,600 crowns, it will amount to 15,200 crowns per month. About 65,000 of these people now work in the protected market.

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