From Prague to st nad Labem in 30 minutes. The city took a step towards the construction of a high-speed line

Prague took a step towards the construction of a high-speed railway from the capital to st nad Labem. Thanks to this, the route to the north would be shortened, passengers should be at the customs station in half an hour. Not so it happens that not only the capital, but also gave the company a lot of work. Prague will explore where it could place the infrastructure for this line. This is its northern st.

The Institute of Planning and Development of the Capital City and the Department of Railways were responsible for implementing the possibility of local engineering. The terminal of the high-speed line project should be between Letany, Akovice and Blice.

In Smchov, we managed to create a city where you can transfer between train, metro, tram, bus and the P+R and B+R parking lots. We could build something similar in the north of Prague next to the D8 highway. It is also necessary to ensure that the infrastructure is properly integrated into the structure of the city and the landscape, according to Deputy Mayor for Land Development Petr Hlavek.

Currently, the area around Letan is impenetrable to cars, and it is also accessible by public transport. The location of the terminal would thus be an impetus for the development of the entire locality and the creation of the entire neighborhood. Better connected via the planned tram line, which corrects the inappropriate termination of metro line C in Letany outside the residential building. The tram line connects the metro station C Ldv with Akovice. People will then be able to drive in the direction of Palmovka, Elivskho or the city center.

Together with the new tram line, the building of Kobylisy Sdlit blice will be revalued, its importance has decreased significantly after the extension of metro route C from Ldv to Letan. For these reasons, it is necessary to start the construction of a new tram line, which will be extended from the Sdlit blice station to the Ndra akovice railway junction. There, we are also completing the construction of a new P+R parking lot, added Adam Scheinherr, Deputy Mayor for Transport.

Studies of the northern sti

  • The goal is to develop the construction of stops for the planned high-speed line, similar to what is being done at the entrance to Prague.
  • In addition to transport, the study, which will be devoted to landscape and urban planning, aims to design a local terminal, the creation of new buildings and their connection to the existing building and the creation of a new park.
  • The study thus evaluates the connection to the existing and contemplated urban transport, which would help better connect this part of Prague with the city center. Thus, the extension of the metro line and the tram line are being considered.

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