The Pilsen Region will build a pavilion and repair the Social Care Center Kralovice for 193 million

The Pilsen Region will build a pavilion and repair the Social Care Center Kralovice for 193 million
The Pilsen Region will build a pavilion and repair the Social Care Center Kralovice for 193 million

The region has an approved subsidy of over 44 million CZK from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, construction will start next year. It should be completed in the summer of 2024. In this election period, it is the region’s largest investment in social facilities. In the new pavilion, there will be a home service with a special regime (DZR) and a service for seniors with disabilities (DOZP). There will also be beds for clients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, which are missing there. The home now has a capacity of 90 beds (80 DOZP and the rest DZR).

The new building will increase capacity only slightly. Regional social facilities are faced with the fact that they mainly need to improve the quality so that the rooms are not for five or six clients, but at most for two, always with a bathroom. “Although these are huge investments, the increase is in bed units,” said Governor Rudolf Špoták (Pirates). There will be 54 beds in the new pavilion and a modern kitchen in the basement.

“The selection procedure is finished and we are waiting for the deadlines. We assume that by the end of September at the latest, if there are no objections at the ÚOHS, we will hand over the construction site and start digging. It is for 193 million, but we will see where the amount will rise,” said the governor. Due to the increase in the price of building materials, the region has an inflation clause for this investment, as for one of the first orders. If the supplier proves that the price of the material has risen or that the building has grown within two years, the region will give him more. “In order to avoid what we are experiencing, for example, on the western bypass and other events under construction, where the region, even if it wanted to, cannot pay additional costs according to the contract and the law due to inflation and the increase in the prices of materials,” he said.

“The building of the extension of the new block D and the reconstruction of block B will increase the capacity of the home and the quality of the provision of residential care services to the clients there. The parking lot and the pond will also be renovated, new distribution systems and connections will be installed, including a heat pump,” said Deputy Governor Roman Zarzycký (ANO). The regional Central Purchase won the contract, including the inflation clause, in the competition.

The region plans to invest up to CZK 450 million in Kralovice. The remaining two stages are being prepared. The other pavilions will mainly have better conditions for clients. The facility, where 70 people work, will have a maximum of double rooms. After the completion of the project, the DSP capacity should increase by 33 beds to 123.

The region is establishing 12 social service homes with 2,200 clients. It’s almost full everywhere. Occupancy dropped a bit after the coronavirus pandemic, but is now rising again.

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