Soviet concentration camps were better than German ones, purred Putin’s propagandist

“In the Soviet labor camps, they knew your name and the law under which you were imprisoned. You were an individual. You had no individuality in the German concentration camps,” he declared.

According to him, the goal of the Soviet camp was to reeducate, while “the German and European concentration camps aimed to destroy you as a person and then break you into pieces.”

He also mentioned that now the “followers of the Nazi idea of ​​Europe” talk about Russians as goblins and do not see them as individuals, as people. In this he sees dehumanization and denial of the right to be oneself.

“Ukraine, sickened by Nazism, does not see us as people. To them we are orcs, racists (Russian fascists, editor’s note), but we still feel sorry for them. We still take them as ours, but lost. We hate the sin, but not the sinner. That’s why we win. Because we see people. We are fighting for their souls,” he concluded.

Vladimir Solovyov is a pro-Kremlin TV host on Russia’s state-run Rossiya 1 television. He is a supporter of Russia’s “military operation” in Ukraine, as the Kremlin refers to the invasion of the neighboring country.

Labeling Ukrainians and their supporters as Nazis is repeatedly used by Russian propaganda. The Russians are trying to defend their unprovoked invasion of a neighboring country by seeking “denazification”.

In April, Solovyov mentioned the Czech Republic in one of his programs, saying: “Look at the Czechs, just as they repaired and prepared heavy equipment for Nazi Germany, now they are doing the same for Ukraine.”

The day before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Solovyov found himself on the sanctions list of the European Union, among other things, his property worth eight million euros was confiscated.

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