Denk Ukrainian women: It’s sad to return home, people are depressed and out of work

Beautiful day to you, Europeans, born in Volyn. As you probably know, I will leave my home for the first time in six months. I came here for two weeks, I need to cure a health problem and pack my clothes for the winter. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my husband.

I finished my work in the center of Lunka, I sent several resumes with the hope of finding a new job and… I left for Ukraine.

I’ll tell you, it’s cool here. When you come, the first impression on you will be the ditches that are around the roads and on which weeds grow haphazardly. The roads are in a strange condition near the moon and there are iron gates next to them. They serve to stop the neptelv passage.

People are depressed and sad, they don’t know what will happen next, how the main one. There is no work, and when someone has it, it is for minimum wage. Although there is enough product in the shops, the prices are extremely high. People simply cannot afford everything they need, I’m not talking about clothing and other necessities, but about food.

For a long time I met friends and acquaintances. Sao, a friend from Manela, was killed by a woman who was a coward. His last message was for a rocket to fly into every Russian house, for children to be separated from their families, and for everyone to see what it’s like to be under fire. It’s cruel, but she wanted the Russians to do what the Ukrainians did.

Volodymyr, our common friend, had his 19-year-old son. He is all dressed up, his shoulders are bent, his eyes are empty. Whenever you talk to me, it feels like he’s not even here.

Manel found a new friend from Avdijivka. So they had their master, or from him, but they ruined everything. They went to Luck, rented a house with the rest of their money, and are looking for work, but there is nowhere to be found.

Tanya is my old university classmate. He is unknown to him. Nadje, who is naive, is rare. She joined the group where people were looking for their friend from the queue. The press is the people who are in a terrible state every day.

And Putin said at the press conference: Ukraine is an anti-Russian enclave that threatens Russia’s security, so the purpose of the special operation is to destroy it. Can you imagine it?

Think Ukrainian women

The portal project, which two spaces less fleeing from the wolf. Describe your progress in regular journals. Embark on their journey to freedom, looking for a roof over their heads and their daily life in shambles.

It was the first of, the beginning of the new school year and the business season. It’s an ideal time to recharge, people are setting new goals… Ukrainians, however, are wondering if their children should study online or offline. Will they have time to take cover when the sirens are heard? How long would they have to bleed there? the covers are in poor condition, it is cold and damp there

In the end, it was decided to spend a week on the bike and a week at home. How good a vuka will it be? Would you like your children to have fun in a shelter?

Well, at least stick to the queue at first. Our heroes enter Kherson, the armed forces broke through the first line of defense. Residents of Kherson are advised to drink water, charge power banks and prepare Ukrainian flags. But how much this event will cost is not known.

On the same day, the Rusovs took one of our best universities, Peter Mohyly University in Mykolaiv, to torment

There is thunder, there we die above, there we need hands, arms and shoulders. This was not invented by me, but by the famous Ukrainian slave Lina Kostenko. Truth in every word!

Oksana Ernij

I am fifty years old and I come from the Volysk region. I studied pedagogy and pharmacy, my husband and I had a company in Ukraine that dealt with midwives. Two years ago I thanks to the documentary film Distances of Ukraine she connected with my family in esk, they are volyt ei. After the wolf’s arrest, I stayed with them for the first time with my mother, son, daughter and two grandchildren. We drank 4. bezna until esk.

The first part of his diary: I didn’t sleep those days and two nights because of the journey to the border

The type of his diary: I’m sorry, but I know how to fuck myself

Tet dl his diary: We didn’t stay in a hotel, the job offer didn’t work

fourth part of his day: Children are the best, pick up a word

Pt dl his diary: Easter has a spiritual meaning, we greet each other differently

est dl his diary: I am glad that the people from the entrance speak Ukrainian

Seven days of his day: Ukraine is a second world for the Czechs, they have never been there

Eight parts of his day: I didn’t take the job because the farm had other ideas

Nine of his days: Here are the prices of energy, in Ukraine, how many people there are

Dest dl his diary: I used to have common dreams, now I only have one dream

Eleven dl his day: When I go to bed tonight, sadness stings me

Twelfth part of his day: My mother’s family in Russia says that we are always fascists

Tinct dl his diary: Velastv didn’t work, but I will work as a teacher

trnct dl his diary: We are in stitches and ever stronger, help us anger

Fifteen dl his day: Play evacuation with the children, do you want it too?

estnct dl his diary: We have a great desire to detach ourselves from evil

Seventeenth of his day: It is not enough just to see or hope for something, it is necessary to act

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