Some reactions to social shocks for m pe advisor, k primtor Hib

Intensely green Prague
According to experts on the land of the capital city, the abundance of greenery is something you should choose wisely. According to some dendrologists, however, tree breeding in the metropolis has become somewhat more intense when the capital is exposed to the wind. According to the municipal website, she had half a million trees planted in the metropolis. If he is re-elected, he has pledged to double that number.

However, according to the opinion of a number of experts, the trees that were planted during Hib’s election period and the mayor’s office are, according to their statistics, actually full of nepotism. This is mainly about seeds outside of Prague, not about a vegetable garden near Prague as such.

The green circle around the town is very clean. Help prevent the deforestation of the landscape, which, according to the UN, represents one of the most important sources of climate change and is one of the main pillars of sustainable development, which is absolutely critical for Prague. The addition of greenery on the outskirts of Prague is also very important for recreation and the duration of free time in Prague, which was especially evident during the pandemic, for Metro Hib, with the fact that the statistics do not include the number of trees damaged by brush. That’s how many of them were planted.

New ones are at Vclavsk namst, Smetanov nbe or Na Poc street. There were a lot of them, for example, at Jinm Mst. New trees will also be planted in orchards. We will plant hundreds of them this year during the planned reconstruction of Jiho z Podbrad square, and the avenue of trees will line the tram line to Ddina and to Libua, which we are building, including Hib patches.

Not in town?
According to some experts, there is no place for such a large number of trees in the capital, as Hib promises to plant. Hib, however, insists that the tree will be planted according to Akno’s tree planting scheme in Prague.

The full version is freely available on the portal of Prague’s living environment. It is therefore a professionally elaborated and mistaken professional procedure. I haven’t seen any experts discourage this. On the contrary, the restoration of greenery, the restoration of a wide range of landscapes, but also the restoration of water bodies in Prague is very important, both in our country and abroad, he comments for Metro Hib.

Don’t go to events
From time to time you are afraid of him, he is the type, for example, a teacher who looks for the principal every year in vain. This happens at both traditional and social events of the municipality, for example in the mayor’s lounge. Hib has been in office for three years, and in some cases, the event, which takes place once a year, even has temporary absence. So we were interested in how the mayor decides which event is worth it.

I try to attend as many events as possible to which I am invited. The rest of the program can be found in our general calendar. Unfortunately, my mass opportunities do not allow me to arrive at all the events, I would like to attend many of them, hj Hib. However, he added that events are never enough. Therefore, from his position as the ruler of the metropolis, according to his own words, he began to support events in the name of Prague that the two did not support.

For example Ball on wheels. So I initiated a new event called Prague, you Kick Prague, a current event for start-ups and authors of interesting innovative proposals to improve the life of Prague. In addition, I also support many events in other ways, for example by donating my life, by approving financial support and sharing space, Hib explains, adding that he sometimes sends colleagues to the events. Ppadn is represented by a councilor from the board of directors, who is involved in the action, adds Hib.

Who cares, or Hib’s social st
Pirtor, Hibtor, f coalition of newspaper headlines and forks from Slavin. All these nicknames were made up by Zdenk Hib, the leader of the capital over the years. However, as is his custom, he managed to make a joke out of half of them at social gatherings. He is very active on those and according to marketing experts, he is quite good at them. On the Mayor’s Facebook profile, you will find that it is not managed by Hibem, but by the Office of the Mayor of the Capital City of Prague.

In the past, the well-known publicist Janek Rube pointed out the fact that during the meetings between the mayor and former prime minister Andrej Babi, two well-known marketing experts and not Dotyn himself wrote on social media. But the Primtor insists that it is not so bad with him.

I personally approve all posts on social media and often edit them. Some reactions related to the topic, to which I react repeatedly, according to my advisor. On social media, a colleague helps me with the technical side of things, such as when to upload videos, subtitles, should you style some text or when should you put graphics, for example, the Metro prime minister, and add that if you have had sex with him on Facebook, for example at first even on the wall, maybe it wasn’t him.

What will be answered in the comments and delivered first, my team will help me with that. they are often links and quotes from press releases and an interview and the other two editions. My social status is therefore always his voice. If it is a new, complex question, for which it is necessary to find out detailed information from the magistrate’s office, the adviser arranges it, but he consults with me about the answer, says Hib.

According to him, communication with the public on social media is an important tool for the open administration of the city and for improving feedback from Praan. However, due to my time constraints, it is not realistic for me to manage my social network completely alone. The help of colleagues from my team allows me to communicate with the public as much as possible, adds Hib.

With the help of marketing experts, Denk Metro analyzed the mayor’s self-presentation on Facebook in the past. In addition to the mayor’s office, there are also profiles of deputy mayors Adam Scheinherr (for transport) and Pavel Vyhnenko (for finance and budget). They are proud of the fact that, just like at the mayor’s office, there is a discussion under their boots. The discussion is just fueled by the employees of the municipality.

Please step aside. Zdenk Hib has been in office for many years

  • Zdenk Hib has been criticized in his position in recent years. You, because of your disagreement with the restoration of the Marine column on Staromstsk Square, and a kvovara worth one hundred thousand crowns, which the magistrate bought.
  • In April of this year, the Czech political branch began to investigate the closely watched Dosimeter case, which it also sent to the local magistrate. The Prat representative of Pirt, where Hib has been a leader since 2017, called on MEP Jiho Pospil (TOP 09) to resign from all his positions at the municipality. The suspect was connected to the accused businessman Michal Redl. Hibv’s former deputy, Petr Hlubuek, faced the same accusation.
  • During Zdeka Hib’s tenure at the Prague municipality, construction of metro line D, repair of the Barrandovský bridge and reconstruction of Vclavský nmst were involved. On the contrary, work is still being done to complete the local circuit.
  • According to critics, however, the mayor boycotts the completion of the serpentine bypass around Prague. Twenty municipalities are suing the court for the issuance of a land decision to cut between Bchovice and the D1 road. This step was approved by the city representative at his extraordinary meeting at the end of the year, to which Hib was also invited. In practice, this sign was given by the obstruction of the construction of the section with the sign 511. According to critics, the mayor is responsible for the obstruction
  • The presence of the two highest political representatives of the capital at one of the elections in the Prague district could have had a significant effect on the representatives who were elected with the support of the Pirts. Both politicians can make excuses as they wish. However, reality would show that he has no influence on his representative today and that his words about supporting the completion of the ring road are just an empty election gesture, comments Ondej Martan, mayor of Bchovice, around which the ring road is built.
  • Hib’s municipal coalition of Pirt, Prague sob and the United Forces for Prague (TOP 09 and STAN) thus exempted, for example, the property tax and waste collection fee.

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