Southern companies are raising wages by 15 percent, but there is also the threat of handcuffing

Southern companies are raising wages by 15 percent, but there is also the threat of handcuffing
Southern companies are raising wages by 15 percent, but there is also the threat of handcuffing

On the counters there are shops, evening services, fuel and energy. This is currently improving at a slow pace, so people’s savings are growing. But with wages it’s a long way off. In the last few weeks and months, companies are looking at every crown and wondering whether to invest it in operations or in their employees. Although he often tries to help his employees, it is not always possible.

Possibilities open up in the benefits offer, when the company sells food stamps to its people, increases transportation allowances and increases the cost of drinking water.

However, due to the huge increase in entry prices, companies have problems with themselves in order to stop their operations. This mainly applies to the glass, ceramic, brick and paint industries. it is often a dilemma whether to pay for energy or employees. Unfortunately, today it’s either or not, explains Ludk Keist, editor of the Jihoesk Chamber of Commerce.

According to him, until now they have tried to hit their female employees at all costs and have used all the benefits, including wages, to pay.

Recently, however, it has not been going well, and it is now difficult for the companies themselves to pay and not have to pass through. The benefits of cultivating be such a big problem, adds Keist.

Jihostroja was doing well, that’s why he pidval

This is also confirmed by a survey conducted by the South Czech Ministry of Finance DNES among some large employers in the region, who did not offer new benefits to their employees this year.

On the other hand, half of them raised wages, even by 15 percent, for example in Jihostroj in Velen in Esko Krumlov. They could afford it thanks to good economic results in the past years.

The average monthly wage of our employees will be around 45 thousand crowns this year. The drastic reduction in the consumption of natural gas and electricity also helped them to do so. This autumn, we will put into operation our own photovoltaic power plant, which will cover one-third of the internal consumption of electricity, describes the situation in Jihostroja, strategy and marketing editor Hynek Walner.

This year, Rohde & Schwarz company Rohde & Schwarz will not be preparing special offers suitable for its own employees either. Moreover, don’t even confuse it with the strength building benefits.

Instead, we decided to increase the salaries of two employees by eight percent at the end of this year, according to the head of the personnel department, Milan ern.

I am therefore concerned that the employees of companies in the private sector will be angry at the rate of growth of their own wages, because of the increase in the salary of regular employees.

For me, it is completely irrational, because in such a case the productivity of work is not taken into account. Even because of this, according to the report, inflation has increased and this has put pressure on wages for private employers. It is the result of the disastrous economy of the Czech Republic and the other states of the European Union, it is clear to me.

In Engel, they raised the pspvek for transport

They paid a little more for me in the Engel chapel, but unlike other employers here they could afford to give out a rather large number of unicorn postcards.

We contributed an average of less than six percent and paid thousands of crowns in compensation. In addition to the vacation allowance, this year we exempted each employee an additional bonus for economic results and a bonus of up to 1.5 times the weekly salary. That’s how we rolled up the pspvek for transport to 2.60 kroner per kilometer, says Engel’s personnel officer David Ddi.

Despite the fact that the largest South Czech company has yet to hit its employees, according to data from the Chamber of Commerce R, the threat is widespread in 27 percent of employers with more than 500 employees. A fifth of such companies could go bankrupt this year.

It is not an acute question of five weeks, but it can happen under the current situation. In addition, unemployment in the general state is what it is. But the people will undoubtedly find a new place to work, adds Keist, adding that the unemployment market is thus influencing the outflow of Ukrainians from Ukraine.

In short, someone has to replace them, so if a transfer in technically oriented companies really happens, unqualified people have the opportunity to find employment elsewhere. The prospects are not that bad because unemployment is very low, explains Keist.

He also added that the Chamber of Commerce is also working with the state to hire foreign female workers who could replace the departing Ukrainians for the time being.

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