Because of her mother, the little girl went blind. I don’t think so, defended the woman

Milan Kilian

Reporter of the Pilsen region

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When her four-year-old daughter accidentally stabbed herself in the right eye, Karolína Č. (28) from the south of Pilsen sought a medical examination with her, but then she ignored the recommendation that she had to see a specialist who would immediately operate on the child. Otherwise it would go blind. The little girl really lost her sight without the necessary care, and her mother, whose name and face cannot be published by law, has now appeared before the Regional Court in Pilsen. Prosecutor Věra Brázdová is demanding a sentence of between 5.5 and 6 years for the woman, who showed no remorse for her actions and made the excuse that she didn’t think much of it.

Karolína Č. (28), because of which her daughter lost an eye, at the Regional Court in Pilsen.

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Last year on May 9, the little girl stabbed herself in the eye, probably with her father’s scissors, but a crayon is also possible, and seriously injured him. The mother visited the eye clinic in Dobřany with her the next day. “From there, the minor was sent to a specialized workplace, the Ophthalmology Clinic of the FN Plzeň, with a warning that the injured eye would need to be operated on and the provision of medical treatment is urgent so that the girl does not lose her eye,” Brázdová said, adding that the doctor even offered an ambulance to Karolína Č. for transportation to Pilsen, but she refused it, saying that she would go there herself. But she didn’t go anywhere. Only after three months, on August 11, when the little girl’s condition worsened, did she seek medical treatment at the Klatovská Hospital. In order to cover up the negligence, the defendant should have falsely stated that the injury had occurred the previous day. The doctors again advised her about the seriousness of the injury and the need for medical intervention, but they did not take her there anyway. The little girl did not receive treatment until August 13, after the intervention of the police, but by then the damage to the eye was irreversible and unsolvable. The little girl will be blind forever.

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Relatives accompanied Karolín Č, who has two children and is on maternity leave, to court. “I like my children, I take good care of them. I didn’t do it when I was little,” she said. When asked why she did not take the child to surgery, even though she knew it could go blind, she defended herself by saying that she apparently misunderstood the doctor. “I had two scrapes in a row and covid, I was out. I didn’t think so at all. I don’t think it will happen to me right away,” claimed Karolína Č. “I know it’s not good that my daughter will be blind for the rest of her life,” she added.

The trial was adjourned until October, when witnesses and a forensic expert will be heard, who stated in his opinion that with immediate treatment, the child would be able to see fully. The defendant faces up to 12 years in prison (the public prosecutor suggested half for her in the indictment), and the child’s guardian is demanding compensation of almost 1.5 million crowns from her.

Source: Deník/Milan Kilián

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