PHOTO: A walk in the zoo revealed an interesting Kukang Coffee project

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I originally had a different schedule for Saturday, September 3rd, but I also hadn’t been to the zoo in a long time, so I nodded at the grandchildren’s request. We went through the top box office to the animal kingdom at exactly 9 o’clock, we were the first ones there, which also had its charm. The lady in the window gave us materials for the children’s competition, which had the slogan Day with Kangaroos in the title.

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A walk in the zoo revealed an interesting project of Kukang Coffee.

| Photo: Miroslav Vlach

The smart elephant is no longer in the enclosure, a cheetah was the first to greet us outside the gate, a vulture watched us a little further, a curious ostrich almost pecked at my lens. The machine’s oily breath could be heard in the distance, after a while there were more of us. We followed the path down to where the inconspicuous Kukang Coffee had an advertisement. Connoisseurs know, I will remind newcomers of the tagline “The story of coffee that protects nature.”

I found a small leaflet on the table, which says: We are an organization working in Indonesia, where we protect endangered species and fight against the illegal trade in wild animals. We get coffee directly from small farmers at a higher price and thus help them improve their living conditions. Thanks to Kukang Coffee, this farming community is now protecting endangered animal species. Coffee helps, the story helped end the hunting of otters, nutcrackers and other endangered species of animals in Kuta Male, Sumatra. “Kukang is the Indonesian name for a protected species of the hesitant proboscis monkey. The founder of the project is František Příbrský from Ústí nad Labem,” explains Anička behind the cafe counter.

I ordered three coffees with a story, handed the kids an ice cream. Times are not easy, good deeds are never enough. I liked the garden, the rain ensured the desired color of the bushes, everything was clean, I noticed new ideas.

Miroslav Vlach

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