There will be only 25 kilometers of new highways next year as well

These are projects that were prepared by the previous government of Andrej Babiš (ANO), which the head of ANO himself reminded the government of during a speech on Thursday before the vote of no confidence in Fial’s cabinet.

“I was very amused when the Prime Minister visited the Ministry of Transport and found out that 240 kilometers were under construction. Yes, Mr. Prime Minister, that is our work,” declared Babiš. “You will never say what happened to us,” he complained.

The state will open 25 kilometers of highway this year, and another 40 in a year


Nevertheless, Transport Minister Martin Kupka (ODS) already admitted in an interview for Právo after taking office last December that transport construction projects go beyond one or more electoral terms.

The bypass will relieve Frýdek-Místek

Last year there were more new highway sections, 47 kilometers of highways were opened. But this was not always the case in the past, even for YES.

His Minister of Transport, Dan Ťok, faced strong criticism in 2018 for the fact that only four kilometers had been put into operation, although in the meantime the mentioned modernization of D1, which was decided by the government of Petr Nečas (ODS) years ago, was also underway.

Most recently, a 6.5-kilometer section of the Frýdek-Místek bypass on the D48 with a connection to the D56 was opened to motorists last Friday.

According to the Directorate of Roads and Motorways of the Czech Republic (ŘSD), this is the first highway construction to be put into operation this year, even though drivers were allowed to use part of it in one direction at the end of June.

The České Budějovice bypass will become more expensive. It is to operate from January 2025


The last four kilometers of the bypass, for which the locals have been waiting for decades, should open in partial operation by the end of the year. Construction was also complicated by a landslide, and the delay was also due to complaints from the ecological association Děti Země, which challenged the issued building permit.

“The diversion of transit traffic from Frýdek-Místek, at the moment especially in the north-south direction, in the direction from the west, from Olomouc, to the south to the Beskydy Mountains, is clearly beneficial,” said Radek Mátl, CEO of ŘSD.

This year also the ŘSD plans to open the nearly 15 kilometer long section of the D35 from Časy to Ostrov, following on from the Opatovice–Časy section that was opened last year. However, the entire D35 should be completed by 2028, when it will be possible to drive from Prague to Olomouc via the northern route.

Prime Minister Fiala declared the week before last, after the balance meeting with Minister Kupka, that more will be built next year. He promised over 40 kilometers of highways. But Kupka corrected the premiere on the same day.

“It will probably have to be reduced for next year,” he said. As the director of ŘSD Mátl explained to Práva, the commissioning of 40 km of new highways for 2023 is a really optimistic estimate.

“This assumes speeding up the commissioning of the second part of the D48 Bělotín-Rybí construction, specifically the Palačov-Rybí part, where we are solving the issue of a potential landslide. And then the construction D55 Babice – Staré Město – Moravský Písek, for which the commissioning date is planned for spring 2024,” he described.

Tolls were extended to an additional 373 km of roads


Therefore, a realistic estimate is about 25 km. “The real boom will occur in 2024, when up to 100 km of new highways should be operational,” Mátl told Právu Mátl earlier.

D3 extension and Loun bypass

For next year, the plan is to open another six-kilometer Loun bypass on the D7, and the journey to the south will be accelerated by the extension of the D3 Hodějovice–Třebonín, which will be 12.6 kilometers long. Drivers must take into account that new sections are usually opened only at the end of the year, often in December.

After taking office last December, Kupka promised that his goal was to open 200 kilometers of new highways during his four-year term.

The year 2024, when, among other things, 32 kilometers of the new D4, which is being built by the Via Salis consortium and the contractor is DIVIA stavební from the Eurovia group, should be largely indicated as to whether he will be able to achieve his goal.

This is the first PPP project, i.e. cooperation between the state and the private sector, which, of course, was also prepared by Babiš’s government.

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