The inflatable hall will not be on the North Terrace this year. Because of expensive energy

On social media, the announcement sparked debate as to whether anyone could help. But the problem is that the tennis hall is not owned by the association or sports club. It is owned by a private company, “eseročko”, which means that it basically does not receive any subsidy money. Even if it did, it probably wouldn’t be enough. After all, it is said that the company has never used subsidies, not even from the city, or from the state and its agencies.

“When I bought the hall in 2005, I didn’t care about subsidies. The fact that I won’t inflate it this year is a combination of several factors. I’ll pay a hundred thousand just for the infusion. Another factor, if I build it and don’t heat it, I still have to keep it properly pressurized. It cost about fifteen to twenty thousand a month. Now it will cost me at least sixty thousand crowns. This is a situation where you are at four hundred thousand and if covid comes, we have to be closed and that’s the end,” Šimůnek described.

On Facebook, people do express a certain irritation, but not towards the operator. Rather, they are annoyed by the expensiveness in general. For example, Jitka Hájková from Ústí is said to be starting to recalculate electricity and gas for the winter. “It’s better to spend the winter in the Maldives and I’ll still save one hundred and two crowns,” she lamented.

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Or the user appearing as Petr Sajby is not even surprised that the hall will not be inflated for the winter this year. “I can’t imagine how much an hour on the court would cost to make it worth it. The price of heating must be crazy now. It’s a shame, nowadays it’s difficult to seek help from state or municipal institutions,” he wrote.

To this, the operator of the hall, Šimůnek, replied that heating to the usual fifteen degrees would increase the price by some 650 percent. “Purely in theory, even if the city called to give me 400 hundred thousand, I won’t go for it. I see the market situation and I am unable to fix it. The entrance fee would cost around eight hundred for an hour, and no one will be able to afford that. Especially after people start getting bills, this high cost hits the middle class the hardest,” he noted.

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However, Ústí representative Jiří Madar (UFO) also expressed disillusionment with this. “Terrible news, energy prices are probably already catching up with them. Unfortunately, it will be worse for everyone, and according to information, the war in Ukraine is not entirely to blame, but the previous policy. Well, what’s next? We will not heat and light at home, we will wear sweaters and jackets, factories will go bankrupt, maybe even hospitals, sports fields will not work. The schools will probably subsidize the cities, so they will function. Really great view,” he criticized.

Deputy Mayor Pavel Tošovský (ODS) said that the city supports sports with roughly fifty million crowns a year. “Sports support is a question of the budget. Ústí provides subsidies to clubs and sports units, even the national sports agency has subsidies for their operation, but I don’t know if the operator of the hall as a private company would fit into it. I like to play tennis myself, but the question is whether I could afford eight hundred per hour, or even a thousand,” he added.

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