Karlova Street: During the reconstruction, the ceiling collapsed, a worker was injured

On Monday morning, all components of the integrated rescue system went to Karlova Street. “During the renovation of the apartment, the ceiling collapsed there. There is one injured person on the scene and the building is being evacuated,” the spokeswoman for the Prague police, Violeta Siřišťová, described to Bleska shortly before noon, adding that the police are investigating the circumstances of the entire incident.

“A structural engineer came to the site to assess the entire building, the street is closed as a precaution,” added Martin Kavka, spokesman for the Prague fire department, who said the ceiling in the apartment building had collapsed. “We are gradually going through the object. Emergency gas workers and PRE are also on site,” he said.

He later stated that the structural engineer indicated that the structural integrity of the house was not disturbed. “People are returning to the restaurants on the ground floor, the owner will take over the damaged apartment,” Kavka described a short time ago.

Rescuers treated the worker, fortunately his injuries were not serious. “A rescue crew and an inspector went to the scene. We handed him over to Na Františku Hospital,” said Jana Poštová, spokeswoman for the Prague rescuers.

Karlova Street, illustrative photo.

Author: Blesk:Hamer

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