There is working poverty in Esk. A shame for such a rich country, said Stedula

There is working poverty in Esk. A shame for such a rich country, said Stedula
There is working poverty in Esk. A shame for such a rich country, said Stedula

Stedula thus pointed out the inequalities in Europe. even the electricity bill is tyikrt vc not vcae, he criticized. From the point of view of income, there is a big difference between Eastern and Western Europe, both of which are part of the Iron Curtain, he said.

Unions, declare your event a manifesto. In previous years, they were preparing for a negotiated salary increase. They had the slogan End of cheap work.

Among others, Frantiek Gajdo, mayor of the Confederation of Trade Unions in Slovakia (KOZ SK) and economist Ilona vihlkov spoke at the rally. According to the individual representatives of the union.

The East Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions (MKOS) stated that this year the unions want to express their position on the current economic situation and send a message to politicians so that the effects on employees and entrepreneurs do not go unnoticed. Trade unions point to high inflation and a drop in real income. Criticize Vlda and her actions.

Unions drop the minimum wage by two thousand

The Confederation proposes, against the expensive dream, VAT on selected goods, ceiling prices, an increase in taxes and the introduction of support for companies as during the epidemic. Stedula changed you then Kurzarbeit Antivirus program with salary slips from Stut.

We will proceed individually. If there are profits, we will go to that collective bargaining point, said Stedula, who collected signatures for his presidential candidacy these days. In the past, the Center recommended the percentage increase in the length of time that trade union negotiators in companies should strive for. For the fifth year, she did not announce a specific request.

The minimum wage was raised for the last time in January this year by 1,000 crowns to 16,200 crowns. The demand for a payment of 2,000 crowns to travel this year due to health care was announced by the central office at the end of April. On Monday, Stedula repeated it. Unions point out that most of them are below the poverty line.

An employer with a high rate of disagreement. Remember that investments are growing. Lower energy and fuel prices. Point out that the minimum wage also includes a guaranteed wage. This is paid in eight stages according to expertise, responsibility and complexity of the work. It ranges from the minimum wage to its double, i.e. up to 32,400 crowns.

In the program overview, there is a formula for the regular valorization of the smallest extension. In the last election period, the then government of Andrej Babia also fulfilled this, but did not agree on the model with the trade unions and employers. The EU is also preparing a directive that would regulate the minimum wage in the Polish countries.

According to FA MKOS, the union’s demands for long-term growth are not pro-inflationary. The resources (inflation) are abroad and the state is absolutely unable to prevent unjustified price increases, says Stedula. In his speech, he criticized Fial’s government for inactivity during the severe health crisis.

Unions will demonstrate

Unions convene a demonstration on January 8 in Prague at Vclavsk Square due to the current crisis. They called on the government to take steps against the expensive.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the average inflation should reach 16.2 percent this year. It could be 8.8 percent next year. The dream of unemployment should remain low. The sum for salaries and wages should rise by 7.9 percent for the fifth year compared to last year.

MKOS is the largest trade union center in the country. It represents 31 unions with about 270 thousand employees. The gathering has been held every year since 2015. In the past two years, it was not held because of the epidemic.

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