What was the premiere of the oldest Czech MMA organization? Don’t fall asleep!

What was the premiere of the oldest Czech MMA organization? Don’t fall asleep!
What was the premiere of the oldest Czech MMA organization? Don’t fall asleep!


Author: Libor Kalous

How was the GCF 65 tournament?PHOTO: GCF: Gladiator Championship Fighting

After sixty-four tournaments, they claimed the premiere. Illogical? The GCF organization organized the GCF 65 gala evening in Příbram on Saturday, but it was still a debut. The new owners, who took over the baton, went to the market for the first time in front of the fans. The Czechia enjoys MMA, fans have been used to quality wrestlers, shows, broadcasts for the last few years. It’s not about behind the scenes, everything has to click in front of the door where everyone can see. GCF, the oldest Czech MMA organization, experienced exactly such a moment over the weekend.

The short assessment is, the event took place without noticeable problems, it is necessary to work on details that can elevate everything, give the tournament a shine. GCF has a foundation that no one here has. The new owners have something to build on, and they also have a luxury advantage that the competition does not have. There is history to draw from. This stable was founded back in 2010 and the biggest Czech MMA names also wrestled here.

The GCF organization wants to organize events in smaller halls, an ideal choice for the current situation. He wants to build on the best Czech amateurs and budding professionals, which is positive, names that are not at the top of fans’ interests will get space. This goes hand in hand with the fact that GCF cannot yet build on big names, so it will be more difficult to attract people to its events. Still, they have to be interesting to keep people coming.

Betting on local fighters as well, that was the reality in Příbram. A similar step can be expected at other events as well. The GCF has caught on to social media, it has significant potential here, but it will also need a local massage to let the locals know the tournament is happening. It was not sold out in Příbram. Why? Smaller promotion in Příbram? On the same evening, the UFC was in Paris, the tournaments overlapped, and perhaps the fans preferred the “League of Champions”. In addition, the Night of the Good Warriors is in three weeks, which is just around the corner. And people save today.

The advantage of the event was certainly that it was possible to understand the moderator, which is a big plus, the new guide will find his style and settle down over time.

There has been a big shift in the production team, which takes care of the videos and photos. Six cameramen and photographers also circled around the wrestlers entering the cage. Now to edit everything so that the fans are satisfied and have a reason to watch GCF. In addition, organizing a tournament does not mean announcing yourself two weeks before the event, but this is probably not the case with a new team.

The premiere after sixty-four tournaments is behind the GCF, it’s time to take a breath, let the first big stress from the organized event subside and take a quick breath again, because the next tournament is approaching, GCF 66 will take place on October 9 in Olomouc.

And the fans want to have fun and see quality. Those who fall asleep need not wake up.

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