Prague selected the first plots of land for federal housing

In association housing projects based on the so-called “baugruppe” concept, the city expects that people will establish an association and ensure the construction of a house. Another option is to establish an association and select a construction company, with the subsequent selection of its members.

For the first projects, Prague wants to proceed according to the first model in three cases, and for the remaining two, it intends to administer the construction itself.

The largest of the selected plots is located in U Plynárny street in Michli, it has an area of ​​11,319 square meters. There is also a second plot of land with an area of ​​3180 square meters in Michli, namely in Ohradní street. The plot in Libni in Budínova Street has 2324 square meters and in Vysočanská Street in Prague 9, construction is possible on 3246 square meters. The last lot in Lipenice has 1107 square meters.

The municipality has already approved similar support, within the framework of which cooperative apartment buildings are to be built on municipal land. The first should be built in Radlická Street in Prague 5, the city has already approved its preparation. Support for cooperative and association housing is based on the fact that the city will provide its land for the construction of an apartment building through the so-called right of construction for up to 99 years. In both cases, the subjects will buy the land from the municipality until the house itself has been paid off.

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The association system is especially suitable for those who want to actively participate in shaping their own housing. Federal housing assumes that part of the organizational work can be done by the future owners, which will lead to a reduction in costs. At the same time, they will be with the project from its very beginning, and thus will be able to influence, for example, the layout of their apartments.

According to previously published information, the city should acquire some apartments in the projects for the necessary professions, such as health workers, teachers, etc.

Baugruppe in Prague. The city will start supporting cooperative housing, will provide cheap land


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