Almost half of Czechs limit their car journeys due to expensive fuel, research has found

The survey, which took place in July of this year – when prices were the highest in the last few months, since then they have fallen on average by more than 4 kroner – and which the company has now reported on, asked 525 respondents in various large Czech cities.

People in large cities with more than 100,000 inhabitants limit driving the most; in the same group, 30% of people say that they use another means of transport for shorter journeys. 22% of people in total are considering two cost-saving measures – in addition to driving only on longer routes, they also repair the car in order to reduce its consumption.

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According to research, a quarter of people are considering buying a hybrid or an electric car in the future. It is obvious that the residents of Prague think about such a solution more often, but it is also common for citizens of small towns with less than 20,000 inhabitants.

Sharing a vehicle or the costs of operating a vehicle, on the other hand, is not very popular, whether with family, friends or in the form of carpooling. For 2/3 of the respondents, such an option is not an option – however, the exception is people under 26, where half of the respondents do or consider this.


Do you limit your car journeys because of expensive fuel?

Not now, but in June and July, when fuel was the most expensive, I cut back

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An August survey by Generali Investments with 1,028 respondents also found that limited car trips are a common way Czechs try to protect themselves from the effects of inflation. The website iDnes reported on him. 68% of people are reducing their energy and water consumption, 2/3 of people are saving on food purchases and a third are cutting back on their hobbies.

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According to a survey by the Kantar company, which was published by the Czech Television website in June, over 40% of respondents also saved money on buying clothes or spending on vacations and travel. However, back then, just like in July, fuel prices were several crowns per liter higher than today.

According to the company CCS, which provides refueling cards, the average price of fuel (gasoline and diesel combined) in August was 43.56 crowns per liter. However, it is not a big problem to find the price of gasoline just below the forty-crown mark; diesel tends to be more expensive. The average was CZK 47.73 in July, CZK 47.33 in June and CZK 46.07 in May.

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