Operators have called on the government to protect them while cutting energy supplies

“As an association of a key part of the telecommunications sector, we unanimously ask the government to take into account telecommunications network operators and telecommunications service providers as a key component of the national critical infrastructure when preparing scenarios for eventual reduction or redistribution of energy supplies. That is why we strongly appeal that the telecommunications sector be included in the highest protection when determining consumption levels,” said the president of the association, Jiří Grund.

According to Grund, telecommunications are a necessary sector for the operation of the economy, society and even the integrated rescue services of the state. At the same time, it is dependent on electricity and, according to him, any power outages would also cause outages in telecommunication networks and the unavailability of services.

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“Although electricity is a key cost item in operators’ costs, in a national perspective, electricity consumption by the electronic communications sector is not significant. The social and economic impact of a possible outage of telecommunications services would therefore be incomparably worse than measures ensuring the availability of energy for the electronic communications sector,” added Grund.

The Association of Mobile Network Operators brings together the large network mobile operators O2, T-Mobile and Vodafone. There are currently around 15 million active mobile SIM cards in the Czech Republic.

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