By image: Brno will make available a “treasure” that also attracts filmmakers from Hollywood

By image: Brno will make available a “treasure” that also attracts filmmakers from Hollywood
By image: Brno will make available a “treasure” that also attracts filmmakers from Hollywood

The city will make two of the three unused underground reservoirs under the Yellow Hill accessible to tourists.

The large underground “cathedrals” will be managed by the Brno Tourist Information Center.

“The guided tour will last about an hour and a half. We will soon start the reservation system, because we expect a lot of interest from people,” said Jiří Oliva, deputy for the area of ​​property management of the city (ČSSD).

Monumental buildings resemble large underground cathedrals. According to the deputy, filmmakers from Hollywood have even contributed to the project and are very interested in filming in mysterious spaces.

The management of Brno expects that by making it accessible, it will gain a new tourist attraction, which will rank alongside the biggest attractions.

“The Brno underground is a huge phenomenon, whether it is the corridors under the Green Market or the unique ossuary under St. James’s Church. The water reservoirs on the Yellow Hill will be their equal partner. In terms of public interest, it may even surpass them,” said the mayor of the city, Markéta Vaňková (ODS).

Construction work is divided into two stages. The first of these involved making two nineteenth-century brick reservoirs accessible. One of them was until recently also completely unknown to the professional public.

“When we stood at the bottom and shone the light into the darkness, we were completely speechless. A beautiful underground cathedral opened before us, like from Lord of the Rings,” Oliva described.

Seznam Zpráv reporters were also on the exploratory expedition at that time.

After two years, part of the monuments will be made accessible. “There are now not only stairs leading to both brick water reservoirs, but also escape exits in order to meet fire safety requirements even with a larger number of people,” added the deputy.

The workers are now continuing with the second stage near the Masaryk Institute of Oncology, which will include the opening of the concrete reservoir from 1913, as well as the repair of the above-ground park, including facilities for tourists.

The project for 140 million crowns is to be completed in September next year. People can find information about the operation on the website.

Giant structures from the nineteenth century were hidden from the public until recently. In the nineties of the last century, they were even threatened with extinction. The brick reservoirs date from 1874 and 1894. They are built of red burnt bricks without the use of steel, wood or reinforced concrete.

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