A regional university does not mean a regional university, to the member’s rector

A regional university does not mean a regional university, to the member’s rector
A regional university does not mean a regional university, to the member’s rector

Bao’s university was unparalleled, and it was heard not only in this region. Yes, we are a university that has sat outside the tradition of centers for a long time. But that does not mean that we are second-rate, said Vladimr Sedlak in an interview for MF DNES. The word regional should not be perceived as negative. paten is a regional idea, but we don’t think so, he added.

looking back, some people have the feeling that two covid years slipped through their fingers. How do you perceive it?
So far, I have 3.5 years behind me, and in the remaining six months I have a lot of work ahead of me. But yes, the first year after mm was elected was relatively calm compared to what awaited us afterwards. There was covid, after it again the crisis in Ukraine. The situation was very complicated, but I don’t think I should make excuses for it if there were any kind of work to be done. It was thus an impulse for us, pedagogues and university leaders, to use ourselves, move forward, stick together in quality and in a long-term way. A significant shift has occurred in the area of ​​the so-called new role of the university, what about the university’s behavior in its surroundings.

We remember that TUB was the first in the country to involve students in route planning, so you produced disinfection, students looked after the children of nurses, helped in hospitals and social centers. But that’s not all, is it?
Then we provided our premises for the opening of the Regional Assistance Center for the Help of Ukraine, we hired writers from among the employees and students, the students submitted collections. The fact that it was possible to found a university in Zln years ago has been in the works for a long time.

Could it be said that, paradoxically, these early years helped raise awareness of the university?
I can’t judge it objectively, we don’t have feedback, but I would be glad if we got it. I wanted the city of Zln to conduct a survey on what people think of the university as part of the 700-year celebration. Unfortunately, it fell into the midst of other activities, but I know it will be busy soon. We started to fulfill a systematic long-term cooperation with the Zlnsk Region.

In what sense?
This will include, for example, support for talented students in doctoral study programs, support for development activities of the university or a program that will help bring experts in their fields to our region, because it is especially important that the Zlín region needs hardworking and smart people. Abbreviation of leaders, which are one of the prerequisites for its development.

Do you know that the Interregional University Council, of which you are the chairman, will help in this direction?
With colleagues from the other nine high circles, we communicate intensively over the fangs of darkness. You are the one we want to move to the end of the year. The first is the system of cooperation between regions and universities, because it works a little differently in each region. We are inspired by the Southern, Western, and Moravian-Silesian regions, where we realize that there is a need to encourage experts who will increase the quality of research or research, and the region therefore supports them as part of its program. That’s what I want to achieve at ns too. The second thing I’m looking for is professional exchange study programs.

Such a UTB at nabz.
Yes, but both among the circles and within the academic community of the university there is a lot of confusion regarding the definition and the main meaning of professional study programs. It is necessary to explain that the professional study program is not something secondary, but that it is a full-fledged program that engages students in practice even during their studies. A typical example is some pedagogical fields, health and social care, but we can also imagine technical exchange programs that will train future technologists and IT workers.

Vladimir Sedlak

  • He was born in 1980 in Kromi.
  • He graduated in environmental technology at the Faculty of Technology TUB in Zln.
  • For his dissertation published in 2006 on Biodegradable polymers based on waste from the dairy industry, he received the Rector’s Prize and the Werner von Siemens Prize.
  • In 2017, the president of the republic was named professor for the field of organic textile technology.
  • Before being appointed to the rector’s office, he held the position of vice-rector for university activities for six years. He is currently the editor of the Center for Polymer Systems at UTB.

When did you kal, eo university is in Europe slyet, how did you mean it?
On the international level, we have started to get involved in the EU project. In research and development, we are involved in international centers that depend, for example, on the research of energy storage, materials for electromagnetic walls or footwear. Our university hosts international professional conferences, which strengthens the awareness of Zln in the scientific community.

You are the president esk conference rector, practically the most representative of tall bikes. What is a university pin?
eme mata, which are due for all high wheels in esk. You are reminded of the law relating to high wheels or one about the clearance for high wheels. Personally, I consider it a shame that the rector of the University of Zielona got the door of half of his colleagues from other universities.

In less than three years, you have done quite a lot of work. How did you break them?
Workplace I have high expectations of myself and my colleagues and I try to positively motivate people around me to achieve their goals and to improve the quality of the university. I am used to operative decision-making with awareness of responsibility for my decisions. It was quite stressful during the pandemic. In the end, we had to do it ourselves. But the hunter can learn to take care of himself, as he sees fit.

Have you ever thought that you would rather die?
It’s really mud, but you can probably get through it. Do you agree with the fact that the rector is given powers by legislation, and the truth is that in the Czech system there is a significant imbalance between the powers and responsibilities of the rector of the university. One of my priorities was and is especially internal communication. An imaginary trial by fire was the internal discussion about the fate of the oldest building, which until recently was shared by the Faculty of Technology. I’m glad we came to an agreement. Even when, for example, we succeeded in the general reconstruction of the dormitories on Tefnikov Street or the construction of the study digitization center, for me they are the same important people, our students and employees.

Where do you want to move the university dl? The region always remembers that it would need you to provide medical fields.
We explained to the region that it is not that simple. Accrediting a new study program takes a long time. The development and innovation of study programs filled with understanding. For example, the Faculty of Humanities is ambitious and wants to open five new programs, for example, I will change to a home and hospice program. The Faculty of Management and Economics is working on the Sports Management program. The Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management is preparing an exchange program for sustainable development. Strategically important is the creation of a new engineering study program at the Faculty of Technology. Do not leave colleagues from the Faculty of Applied Informatics and the Faculty of Multimedia Communications behind, who recently won a grant to prepare a program in exchange for the creative industry.

Do you have a vision for the next few years?
We have recently approved a new strategy for you. These concern the development of human resources, lifelong learning and gender equality. Among the specific goals, there are five unambiguous new constructions of the U1 building, i.e. the Faculty of Technology, the development of infrastructure for cooperation with practice, the addition of accommodation capacities for students, the construction of university sports facilities, and in the context of current events, it is necessary to move away from energy independence from fossil fuels.

What about a lifetime extension?
This is due and beneficial for the whole company. I would like to soon establish an Institute of lifelong learning, which will include the University of this age, accredited courses for the public and companies, and programs of internal learning for university employees. For the general public, these are exchange courses for software engineering or current trends in plastic and rubber technologies and many others.

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