Heinz was blown away by the derby! What did the actors say about the star?

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“The Hodolans salute the Slav, the Slav salutes the Hodolans!”

This song was also carried through the stadium in the Olomouc district of around 9,000 people on Sunday. The friendly atmosphere between the two camps was also a decoration of the derby thanks to the former association of the two clubs.

“A lot of people know each other, that’s how it should be in football. They support each other, they cheer, they are mainly here for football,” said Heinz.

His team and supporters could enjoy the turnaround from 0:1 to 5:1, Černovír then only corrected the form of the score.

“We had an awkward start, we didn’t enter the match as we said we would. It was one of our worst halves. But we managed it in the final and showed our strength,” said the former player of Sigma Olomouc, Baník Ostrava, Galatasaray Istanbul and Hamburg.

What used to be a striker or a left winger is now a central midfielder. True, he doesn’t run much on the pitch, but his left-hander, overview and ball possession are still at a high level. This time there was one assist on the goal to make it 3:1.

“Obviously, I’m there to distribute the ball and when the guys can run, I’ll give it to them at the right time. We have strength in this and it decorated us last season,” realizes the author of the memorable goal from a free kick against the Germans at Euro 2004.

“But I didn’t get into the game much today. I shouldn’t say it, but I still played a match yesterday,” snapped the Hodolan star. “I was in Velká Polomi, they had their 70th anniversary, so I played and it was a bit felt today. Fortunately, we won,” smiled Marek Heinz.

But then he admitted that he was not very satisfied with his game, especially in the first half. “I didn’t have many balls today, if I touch the ball for the first time in the fifteenth minute, it’s difficult. There are matches when I have a lot of balloons and I quickly get up to speed. Then, luckily, it worked out, the three points are deserved,” the Olomouc native is clear.

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And how did he even decide to end his career in Hodolany, which played in the district championship last season? Not long ago, Heinz played in the Všechovice division, where he was also in the role of assistant coach.

“I started in Hodolany. I played here for four years, it was still slag here. A year and a half ago I was playing in the division, but I would have to train three times a week to be enough for the young guys. I didn’t want to drive 130 kilometers there and back. So I made an agreement here with the boys and I’m glad that I can play with them here,” laughed the player with 30 national team starts.

He knows how to bully his teammates

Teammates sometimes do not have an easy time with such a person. Heinz played with great aces throughout his career. Now he is recording goals for example to Tomáš Alek, who decorated the derby with Černovír with a hat trick.

“It’s amazing, he’s trying to lift the club, help the boys. Sometimes it squeaks a bit and he is not happy with our game, but what is he waiting for? We played district, now we play I. B class. He has to put up with that,” laughed Alka.

Goalkeeper Jiří Zbořil is another experienced fighter in the Hodolan Sigma jersey. “Mara is a great party boy who wants to fit in with us and we definitely took him right away. He wants to help us physically and mentally. Some people can’t get over how many times he’s yelling at them, but he means it well. He is an asset for the entire club in Hodolany,” the former goalkeeper icon of FK Nové Sady knows well.

Finally, we found out how the opponents in the I. B class are preparing for Marko Heinz. “We knew he was good on the ball, but he doesn’t have the physicality anymore. Of course we tried to access him, but when we conceded two quick goals, we had to rearrange it. It was no longer possible and Mara proved that the quality is still there,” revealed Slovan Černovír coach Zdeněk Kovářík.

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