Goldmani: Bn esk households will pay 12,300 K/month for energy in 2023

Goldmani: Bn esk households will pay 12,300 K/month for energy in 2023
Goldmani: Bn esk households will pay 12,300 K/month for energy in 2023

I have a house in Esk to pay approximately 12,300 crowns for energy at the end of the fifth year. This follows from the new forecasts of the American bank Goldman Sachs, which estimates the price on the basis of the current price development of fulfilled futures contracts.

Goldman Sachs is looking for a good household in the EU, that is, in the Czech Republic as well. In the EU, those for energy should reach approximately 500 euros per month in the case of households for the first time in five years. Of course, it is difficult to take you as an Orient. There are noticeable differences in the economic performance and purchasing power of the population between the individual EU Member States. For example, the price of electronics in the Czech Republic falls within the EU to those significantly above average and absolute, i.e. without taking into account the parity of the purchase of bad currency. When compared to the applicable purchase price parity, Czech households have one of the highest electricity prices in the EU.

Therefore, the European Commission is now proposing a remedy, as a result of which practically all electricity, other than gas, would be confiscated for their needs, or profit, that above the set critical limit or ceiling. The biggest need in Germany for this president, who supports it, would be the confiscation of electric wind and solar. In its own way, this is a massive subsidy of fossil fuels from the profits generated by renewable sources, such as nuclear or hydropower plants.

Changing the critical limit, that ceiling, should, according to long information, leak into copper, for example in the case of nuclear electricity, 200 euros per megawatt hour. In the case of transactions realized in the framework of instantaneous (spot) exchange trading, on the day of delivery, the power plant would transmit an error if it reached the ceiling. They would therefore hand over the amount corresponding to the difference between the current thorn (stock exchange) price and the established ceiling. This should be determined for individual sources separately. Therefore, renewable sources would have a different ceiling, nuclear power plants another, and coal-fired power plants another.

From the money collected in this way, err, i.e. the governments of individual countries, would pay for the lion’s share of expensive energy programs for households and companies, especially the most vulnerable. This would help to dampen the negative social impact of the dramatically increased energy prices for households, the difference between which in the EU average is about 200 percent, which is predicted by the Goldman Sachs bank for the year 2023.

Luk Kovanda, Ph.D.

Chief Economist, Trinity Bank


Trinity Bank has been operating on the financial market for 25 years, and the transformation of the Moravský Penn status of the cooperative was created. It has 25,000 clients and its balance sheet totals K18 billion.

Trinity Bank specializes in private and corporate banking, for natural persons it focuses mainly on deposit and savings products, which offer superior value for money.

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