He was given a life sentence for the attacks on the office worker. The convict shocked even an experienced judge

He was given a life sentence for the attacks on the office worker. The convict shocked even an experienced judge
He was given a life sentence for the attacks on the office worker. The convict shocked even an experienced judge

The court sent sixty-seven-year-old Jiří Dvořák to life in prison for last year shooting a female employee at the employment office, pouring acid on his former colleague and planting a firearm on the landlady of his apartment. Today’s verdict is not final. The prosecutor requested the most severe punishment for Dvořák, according to whom the manner of committing the crimes showed unusual brutality, callousness and contempt for human life.

“I can tell you that I have not experienced something so appalling and disgusting in the twenty-five years that I have been in the judiciary,” said Kamil Kydalka, chairman of the senate of the Prague Municipal Court, when justifying the verdict. “The motive is something so horrible, reprehensible that I am unable to come to terms with it – that someone is able to take revenge in such a way,” he added.

She did not admit support

According to the indictment, Dvořák shot an employee of the labor office last June in her office in Prague’s Vinohrady. The woman did not grant him unemployment benefits in 2016 and subsequently removed him from the list of job applicants. A few days earlier, a man used acid to attack a former colleague, who had to spend several weeks in a burn clinic after his attack. The police subsequently searched for Dvořák in his Libeň apartment. They found the abode vandalized and swastikas scrawled on it. One of the police officers there was slightly injured by an improvised device. According to the indictment, it was placed in such a way that it hit the landlady of the apartment in the head and neck.

The court found Dvořák guilty of murder, attempted murder, attempted grievous bodily harm, illegal weaponry and damage to another’s property. Part of the sentence is Dvořák’s obligation to pay the survivors of the murdered woman, other victims and health insurance companies a total of over four million crowns as damages.

During today’s main trial, the judge had Dvořák escorted out of the courtroom three times for his swearing, loud shouts and other expressions. After giving him a chance to speak, the man uttered a single sentence: “Giving a closing argument to this court is like throwing pearls to swine.”

He prepared for a long time, says the prosecutor

According to the public prosecutor, former aircraft designer Dvořák had been preparing for his actions for a long time, already in November 2015, after the end of his employment, he bought a gun. He later received a court order to move out of the apartment in Liben, where he stopped paying rent. He was also sentenced to a ten-month suspended sentence for extortion and defamation. In June 2021, the court then notified him of the holding of a session, at which this sentence was converted to unconditional imprisonment. That is why, according to the indictment, Dvořák decided to take revenge on all those who, according to him, had wronged him.

The police arrested an armed shooter in the center of Prague a few hours after the murder of the office worker. They later stated that Dvořák confessed to the crime. He was carrying a handgun, which the indictment alleges he modified to increase its effectiveness. In his car, the police also found a shotgun made from a plumbing pipe.

Four dozen people are serving life sentences in the Czech Republic. In Prague, the courts imposed it on David Virgulák, for example, for the murders of three taxi drivers in 2014.

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