The Czechia is in for a season of protests, unions are also heading to the streets

The Czechia is in for a season of protests, unions are also heading to the streets
The Czechia is in for a season of protests, unions are also heading to the streets

Jan Tvrdonň selected and commented on the main events of the day.

To the streets!

The weekend demonstration quite possibly started the wild autumn in the streets and squares. After Saturday’s protest, the trade unionists announced today that they are also going to demonstrate. The announcement of a major action against the government was the highlight of the trade union meeting in Prague’s Karlín.

Under the leadership of Josef Středula, individual trade unions will demonstrate at the beginning of October – specifically on Saturday, October 8, at Wenceslas Square. They called their event “Five minutes after twelve” and the name alludes, as they say, to the hesitation of the Fial government towards the current economic problems of the population.

The head of the largest trade union headquarters and at the same time the presidential candidate of Středula said that the main reason is the “weak steps taken by the Fial government against the dearness”. “It is not possible to wait for a chain of corporate failures to start in an economy with rising unemployment. We do not want the minds of citizens to be controlled by populists and extremists who want to exploit the current situation to cause a political crisis,” it was said during the trade union meeting.

Protests against the current government were to be expected. The Czechia -⁠ just like the rest of Europe -⁠ has been hit by major economic problems, which, in addition to harsh public speeches, can also bring considerable political dynamism.

On the one hand, they will activate various currents that we could see among the speakers during Saturday’s protests. That is, supporters of the extreme right and the left, representatives of more marginal and radical views. In addition, for example, the social democracy with its lifeline and the parliamentary opposition, which will find every attack on Fial’s cabinet useful, will want to take a ride with the unions.

In addition, the growing protests may also affect

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