The counter-offensive is developing, the Ukrainians are advancing in the south and east

According to the Institute for the Study of War, Ukrainian progress in the south and east is demonstrable. Ukrainian troops are advancing in several directions in the west of the Kherson region.

Ukrainian officials shared a photo on social media of Ukrainian soldiers raising a flag on a hospital building in the town of Vysokopillje, south of the border between Kherson and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

The liberation of the city by the Ukrainian army was confirmed by the deputy head of the Office of President Volodymyr Zelensky Kyrylo Tymoshenko.

The Ukrainian command does not comment on the development of the situation during the offensive. But the Southern Command announced that it had destroyed a Russian ammunition depot and a pontoon bridge in the area. It said the bridges over the Dnieper and Inhulec rivers were under Ukrainian fire.

The Ukrainians report another success in the offensive


The Ukrainian General Staff said that the Russian occupation administration prohibited the residents of the Kherson region from crossing the Dnieper on bridges and boats during the Ukrainian offensive. They can’t run away from a fight like that.

Progress in the East

In the east, the Ukrainians have secured an area near the Northern Donka in the Donetsk region, where the Russians have repeatedly tried to break through.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy announced that the troops in Donbas liberated two unnamed villages and the 54th mechanized brigade also advanced in the direction of occupied Lysychansk and Siversk, where they occupied unspecified heights.

According to social networks, Ukrainian forces even managed to cross the North Donets and liberate Ozerne, located 20 kilometers northwest of Siversk.

ISW predicts that the Ukrainian advance is likely to accelerate as Ukrainian forces “starve” Russian troops as they successfully block their supplies.

They also disrupt their communications and destroy headquarters, making it difficult to organize a defense. With the Ukrainian advance, the morale of the Russian troops is also weakening.

But the institute also mentions that the Russians will occasionally carry out local counterattacks and regain some of the already liberated territories, and will continue with heavy artillery fire and raids on the liberated territories.

British military intelligence said that while the Russians are now trying to contain the Ukrainian offensive, their goals have not changed.

The main thrusts of the Russian advance are at Avdijivka, a short distance from Donetsk, and at Bakhmut. The goal is to capture the entire Donetsk region, according to Ukrainian data, by September 15, which appears to be an impossible task.

NO COMMENT: Bodies of victims are still found under the rubble of houses in MariupolVideo: Reuters

The advance of Ukrainian forces also leads to a change in the rhetoric of Russian military bloggers, who initially repeated the Kremlin’s claim that no Ukrainian counter-offensive was underway because it was immediately crushed.

Photo: News

Ukraine continues offensive in Kherson region – status as of September 4, 2022

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