As part of the Medevac program, 500 patients were operated on this year. Many would not survive without Czech doctors

As part of the Medevac program, 500 patients were operated on this year. Many would not survive without Czech doctors
As part of the Medevac program, 500 patients were operated on this year. Many would not survive without Czech doctors

Medical mission in Senegal|Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic

The medical teams have done gynecological procedures, fracture or eye surgeries.

The program has been operating since the 1990s. Since then, Czech doctors have operated on 4,130 patients in 25 countries. Many of them would not have survived without the intervention of Czech doctors.

65 operations in five days

A total of nine Czech hospitals participated in the program and 106 medical teams went out to help. For example, the team of the General University Hospital Prague operated on 65 patients in five days during the ophthalmology mission in Lebanon this year.

“In the first half of the year, we carried out 7 medical missions to Lebanon, Senegal, Ghana and Jordan. Doctors operated on a total of 500 patients,” she informed
Hana Malá from the press department of the Ministry of the Interior.

Half of the patients in Ghana would not survive without Czech help

Prague University Hospital Bulovka has already sent its third gynecological mission to Ghana. The three-member team operated on more than 80 women in 5 days, recalls its leader and head of the gynecology-obstetrics clinic of the Bulovka University Hospital Michal Zikán.

Medical mission in Ghana|Photo: Jan Mihalicek, Medevac

“In each theater, this meant that we had to do 8-10 operations every day, which is a lot. It is physically demanding, but our effort was to do the maximum amount of work for the limited period of the mission. In the Czech Republic, in normal operation, we will do three, maximum four the operations we did in Tamale.”

Women with tumors but also with benign fibroids ended up on the operating table.

“In Africa they are very young women, they have huge fibroids that we don’t see here, huge uteruses that look like the size of the end of pregnancy, those women bleed because of the fibroids, irregularly, heavily, so they come to that hospital almost bleeding out”

According to Dr. Zikán, more than half of the patients would not have survived without the help of Czech doctors. In addition, they would not be able to pay for care without the Medevac program.

The government allocated 50 million for the Medevac program this year. The program also provides 130 million crowns for the Help on the spot program. It focuses on assisting refugees and countries that are under strong migration pressures. A program in their regions provided a new roof for 61,000 refugees.

A burned Ukrainian girl is recovering in the Czech Republic

Through the Medevac program, the Czechia also helps in Ukraine. A total of eight shipments of medical equipment went there. Rescue workers brought a burned girl, a blind boy and a seriously injured firefighter to the Czech Republic for treatment.

Burnt little girl from Ukraine|Photo: Army of the Czech Republic

At less than two years old, the burned girl has already undergone many demanding operations and rehabilitation has begun. “The condition of the little girl is a miracle,” said Zdeněk Pašek, head of the air ambulance service and emergency medicine department. He thanked the soldiers who participated in the transport.

Since 2013, the program has focused on sending medical teams abroad, and for the past three years doctors have been training their colleagues abroad. Patient transports thus remain as a crisis solution in cases where adequate care cannot be ensured at the place of origin.

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