Free-nesting egrets at the Prague Zoo won a photographer the Wildlife Award

All in all, we are very curious about the Divok Prize, and we will fill out the voting slips as soon as possible. Very often, taste is introduced from the point of view of an expert jury. And it was the same this year, noted photographer and editor of the Czech Press Photo competition Veronika Souralov.

Pesto is convinced that being appreciated by the public is the same for photographers. That’s why a picture that catches the eye speaks and, in the case of photography, sells and educates. It just shows that you have such a beauty within reach, take care of it and protect it, said Souralov to Cen divk in the field of sales.

Nvtv members always vote and choose pictures that interest them, via the nvtv gallery. This year, not all the selected films from the nominations came, the agreement with the international jury did not take place. On the other hand, the photos of the juniors, who are competing in their second year, have caught on.

Complete photo gallery of award-winning images

And how was the beautiful photograph created, which attracted the most interest of the visitors to the Czech Photo Center gallery? The colony of free nesting herons in the Prague Zoo is popular among wildlife photographers. A gallery with photos of local herons, because the conditions for their photography are unique here. First of all, it is necessary to determine the length of time, patience and imagination, so that the photo is interesting, explained the young Zuzana Gabrielov.

There, every time you visit the Prague Zoo, you will cross a rocky slope called Zakzanka and stop for a moment. This time it was no different, I just wanted to show my son the birds. When I arrived in town and he fell asleep on the stove, the oven was on. This time I was interested in the reflection of the sun in the Vltava. I chose a nest with a nice background, where she was brooding alone and waiting for the nest to hatch, when the advance of food or similar events could be captured, describes Gabriel’s photo, when he was a young son in the park.

Prize for girls – 1st place in the junior category: Krlek Luk Lv emoce

Seventeen-year-old Luk Krlek received the most votes among the juniors, for a picture that was taken in a zoo and depicts a lion with its carcass open. The image of Lv emoce was created during a long window for another planned photo. This moment was captured after half a day of photography at the lion. I prefer to spend time at the zoo when I first photograph this element, because I enjoy watching how they communicate. You don’t even know how happy I am when I manage to take a picture to share with the ZLN Zoo Facebook group ZLN ZOO Fans, Luk Krlek described.

In the second and third place, the Divek Prize in the main category was won by Martin Prochzka for the picture Roztrka from Bulgaria, capturing a flock of vultures fighting with acaly for a coyote, and Vladimr ech Jr. for a picture Among the trees, where he caught a shy lika.

Martin Prochzka: Roztrka from Bulgaria

Vladimr ech Jr.: Among the trees

Among the juniors, Mata Mutin received the most votes from the girls for the picture Na kolejch, and the youngest member of the photo contest, teenager Aneka Vesel, for the picture of the dog from the Rescue station series.

Maty Mutina: On the dorms (14 years)

Vesel Aneka: Rescue station (5 years)

The Czech Nature Photo shoot and the Czech Nature Photo tradition under the Czech Photo Center have been combined with the Czech Press Photo news show since 2017 for Czech and Slovak photographers.

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