It was no surprise that Prask plynrensk was shut down until it was removed from Russia

It was no surprise that Prask plynrensk was shut down until it was removed from Russia
It was no surprise that Prask plynrensk was shut down until it was removed from Russia

What if Gazprom stopped supplying gas to Europe? Could it be equalized?
Initially, a short-term layoff was determined, but the supply was not renewed within the originally set deadline due to technical problems.

When and to what extent gas will flow again through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, I do not dare to estimate at this time. In addition, Russia is constantly supplying me with gas, it shouldn’t, so we were not surprised at all.

How can Prask plynrensk prepare for a crisis?
Like everyone else, this means filling the folders to the max. In the event of a crisis, regulated levels will be avoided, according to which gas withdrawals will be limited. It will have an effect on both industry and the comfort of life in the cities you are thinking of.

I am convinced that the situation can be managed, but it will certainly happen at some cost. I think that the problem is not whether there will be gas or not, but who will be able to buy it and under what conditions.

Can you specify that?
If we buy gas at the spot price, morning and evening are quite different. The sale of gas in general involves an enormous risk for us. I don’t think it would concern the household, those are covered by contracts from the past. The problem arises especially in the business world.

I have heard more about people who have a problem with the physical supply of gas and are unable to buy it. There is also a law on previous public orders, which the parties are composed of.

What is the problem?
A lot of public sector waste after contracts at the end of the year. Even if such scoundrels start listing women, who will manage to close them before the end of the year. There will be gas, but how the gas will be traded is up in the air.

When will we get to pay me for energy?
Every time we think that energy prices are so high that you can’t burn furnaces, it turns out that they can. According to the brain, it takes several years to set the price to some original and reasonable limit.

At least psychologically, the completion of a mobile LNG terminal in Germany during the winter could help. It will not replace Russian gas, but it could have some effect on the price. It will be a signal that Europe will physically turn away from Russian gas. But that’s all there is to it.

Martin Pacovsk (49)

  • He graduated from the University of Economics in Prague and received his MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology
  • From January 2021, he is the chairman of the board of Prask plynrensk. This is not his first time in an energy company, he worked for EZ for many years.
  • As a risk manager, he worked for the VC fund Inven Capital with a shift to certain technologies.
  • He is also behind the Mstsk pivovary group, which includes microbreweries in Jaroov, Znojmo, Oslavany, Chomout in Olomouc and Harry in Brno.

On the Czech and European level, there is a debate about the energy price ceiling. Can you imagine it in practice?
I think that even in this case the details are worth paying attention to. No one said how well it would work, and no one said whether the price ceilings should apply to households, industry, or everyone. The question is how long the prices should be above the ceiling.

In general, any ceiling price is enormously expensive, and someone will have to pay the difference between the price and the ceiling price. It could work as long as someone has a pension for it, that is, stt.

It is reasonable to put a ceiling on gas prices for the production of electricity in gas-fired power plants. The document that is on the table says that the purchase of gas for gas power plants should be subsidized, so that the price of electricity for all residents would be reduced. However, if it were to work, the prices would have to be capped in all EU states, not only in the Czech Republic.

I think this is a good idea, but the question is how the costs will be associated with it. In the energy bill, we have a total of one trillion crowns more than last year, and someone has to pay for those pensions.

The Minister of Industry and Trade, Jozef Skela, announced last week that he wants to establish a permanent energy trading company. How do you react to this idea?
It is difficult to imagine something under it. It is also necessary to know whom a potential business woman should serve. At the moment when a single merchant would be created, which will offer a different price for energy than other market participants, a change in the competitive environment will occur.

A local trader would sell energy cheaper than other traders, as he would have other inputs. However, we do not yet know the details of the state energy trader.

With the arrest, Prask plynrensk has increased the price of natural gas by about 30 percent. How many orders does it take?
All who use the price standard. The number is not small, but it is about categories of consumption. I have a relatively good customer who only uses gas for cooking. You can pay for such a person, but it will probably be a maximum of tens of crowns.

The impact will change the number of waste products, which use gas to heat and heat water. On the other hand, we have a lot of orders that have fixed prices, which will not be affected.

Are you going to give out prizes?
I can’t tell him that we won’t say hello. And at the present time, I don’t think anyone can rule it out. When we were preparing the new gas price, the prices were different than today. And in the same way they can be full of others and lost. This is not easy for us. In addition, the government is going to prepare a controversial tariff, which we will have to take into account.

The definitive form of the disputed tariff was approved by the government. How do you expect that kind of help against expensive energies?
We have to study the details of how the controversial tariff will be implemented, how it will be paid and how it will affect the balance that is normally settled twelve months ahead. I think that any help for obani is good.

On the other hand, the increases in energy prices are huge and in the end it may turn out to be an insufficient supply, or rather that for some categories of customers the increase is so high that the controversial tariff will not help them.

We are dealing with the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and are appealing for the creation of a protection center for people who should receive address support. In the future, we would like to be able to identify customers who may have problems with paying invoices. The resort could then contact them and help them with the address.

We read that under nen I asked for the support of the hon. We would like to remove the taboo that giving a housing allowance is a shame. It’s not a shame, and at the moment it seems to me the best way to address rising energy prices. The disadvantage of the controversial tariff is that it is the crop, not everyone who needs help. On the contrary, it helps me to be a member of the social system.

Are there any complications associated with the tariff in question for you that the customer does not see?
It is a relatively large intervention in IT systems, the costs for commissioning are relatively high. In addition, there is a lot of ambiguity for us, for example how to take into account the tariff in installments for five years. The first complication in particular will be a massive increase in calls to our customer service lines, because we will have to explain how the tariff works.

We sent her lines and introduced extra counseling for people in need. Help our employees, for example, to find enough for a housing allowance. I am convinced that we have to help people who are in trouble.

What problems do people come to the customer center with?
Two, it was a change of supplier. It’s not like that now, there’s nowhere to go. Corruptors do not expect high energy prices. hundred customers, especially seniors, are desperate, because instead of depositing two thousand they have to pay, for example, ten thousand. So we try to help them.

We also cooperate with the Institute of Prevention and een pedluen. It happens that the borrowers have a large arrears for gas or electricity, they get scared and instead of dealing with the situation or going to work, they take out a loan. So we try to explain to them that they should not borrow pensions for arrears.

Negotiate with the capital regarding disputed measures. What exactly should Prague be?
The capital city should go by example according to my energy concerns. In my opinion, voluntary access to disputes is a mistake here. The heater can be turned off in the corridors, the heating system can be made more intelligent. We would like to lend a helping hand not only to revenge, but also to revengeful families. Many precautions can be taken relatively easily.

In offices, it is better to keep things to myself so that no one stands up. If it were 21 degrees instead of 23 in the offices, it would be a serious dispute. So we can say to the main city and the two city streets: Don’t wait for help, start working on your own.

This year, the conference will be held on the occasion of the National Day without smoke. What are you going to eat?
My presentation will be primarily about a sustainable way of heating in Prague. We are trying to understand how we could divert Prague from heating with gas and at the same time follow a path that is sustainable and green. It turns out that Prague has a great advantage in weaving. This means that there is a lot of potential capacity for the installation of large heat pumps that could heat the entire quarter.

With the capital, we are completing the development on Rohan Island. We are having discussions with the waste water company. The waste water has a certain temperature, it must be pumped for the heat pump and heated. We are thus conducting discussions about the use of incinerators in Maleic. We know that half of the heat consumption in Prague can be replaced by the installation of such renewable types of heating and eventually replace Russian gas.

How are your activities? Is it even possible to be green when you have gas?
Of course, the name Prask plynrensk and being green is a little contradictory. But we see great potential in biomethane, for example in our CNG stations we exclusively use biomethane. We also intend to make the operation of the gas plant carbon-free, which means that we want to make all our activities so that we are emission neutral around 2025. However, if there is more natural gas in our pipelines, part of our business will be affected.

President Milo Zeman recently stated that one of the main causes of the energy crisis is green fanaticism. Do you think we would be in an unpleasant situation today if there was no such thing as the Green Deal?
I work for Praská plynrenská and I am an advocate of green energy. I think that photovoltaics and internal power plants are currently the cheapest sources of production. Of course, it’s all about some sort of balance. Germany built its green transformation on dependence on Russian gas, which is a problem.

I don’t think it’s about whether the Green Deal is yes or no, but about its speed and support. I am convinced that this is the right initiative. But writing down his goal every two years, even if it were not clear how the goal would be achieved, is not ideal.

In which country should we be inspired in terms of renewable resources?
I think it’s always about the money and wealth of the country. If I consider that the Germans probably shouldn’t be so dependent on Russian gas, then we should take things from Germany.

The Germans should buy these floating LNG terminals and save the energy system. We can think of them as having supported the Green Deal, they were more dependent on Russian gas, but under it they are the worst. The current situation is complex and uneventful, and I don’t think that anyone is doing it well and the other is suffering.

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